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Kinya Nishi and 欣也 西

affirmative purity of waka or renga , or in the other of jocular lowness of kyoka and the later senryu .” 19 The following section will finally explore further the implication of such a balancing act in Basho’s creative strategy and from the wider perspective of the literary tradition. Post

Robert Scott Kretchmar

ancestors’ daily successes and failures already hung in the balance (a familiar and inherently meaningful setting). In other words, the primacy of a cultural phenomenon like physical games should not be surprising. Pinker (1997) pointed in this very direction when he wrote that, because “the mind is a

Robert Clarke

something of an obstacle in balancing a genuinely critical debate. Thus, between East and West there is a disparity in the range of available texts, as well as on both sides perhaps, a reluctance to be critical of – say – Laozi or Mencius. But it would surely deepen mutual understanding to learn, for

Rudi Capra

functional strategy in Chan practice. Ultimately, I believe that the progressive formation and the gradual training of a proactive mindset is essential in counter-balancing the more theoretical aspect of Chan training, while the ritualization of dialogical performances encourages improvisational skills and

Gerald Cipriani

similarities is the stuff of meaning and, by extension, culture. Ethically, the life, validity and relevance of the process of the dialogue depend on all parties’ good disposition and ability to function according to a sense of recovered or potential balance between selves, identities and cultures; we should

Paul Shrivastava, ポール・ シュリヴァストラヴァ, Carmela Cucuzzella and カーメラ ククゼラ

., Griggs, D., Gaffney, O. et al., 2016). Carmela Cucuzzella’s research focuses on the collaborative design of public art-architecture installations. She also explores how contemporary architects achieve sustainability by striking the necessary balance between technological imperatives, ethics and

Yvonne Greene

here. The Bull of heaven, the Crab, the Lion, the Balance, the Scorpion, the Goat-fish and the Tails, (Pisces), the Barley-stalk, (Virgo) and the Great Twins are all obviously ancestors of zodiac signs. 9 The word “zodiac” means “circle of animals,” indicating that there could have been a shamanic

Taner Edis and Maarten Boudry

has discovered. All she can do is to follow the strategy we already discussed: to profess belief. But then we are no longer considering the possibility that interests us here: rational misbelief. Is there a way out of this paradox? Perhaps there is, if our subject manages to strike a subtle balance

Kanchana Mahadevan

.2 Balancing the Public and Private Uses of Reason As Foucault puts it, “Kant defines Aufklärung in an almost entirely negative way, as an Ausgang , an ‘exit’, a ‘way out’.” 20 Human beings have voluntarily brought upon themselves their predicament of obeying the authority of an- other, where a book

Connor Wood, Catherine Caldwell-Harris and Anna Stopa

thus solves collective investment dilemmas — synchrony may also plausibly benefit group coordination by balancing collective unity with the need for interdependent functioning. Such a model could help explain the persistent use of synchronized drilling in the military, where specialized roles and