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Alessio Lo Giudice

light of institutional experiments, like the European one, that still need to go several steps further before achieving a defined postnational balance. In fact, even though certain macroscopic data show a general trend towards forms of postnational organization in the European project, several critical

Finn Collin

of faculty, and a key instrument would be the introduction of tenure in the generally accepted sense of the term. Next, a better balance is needed between internally and externally funded research, without which faculty will have to follow willy-nilly the research priorities of external agents. This

Jay Schulkin

coping and coding for adversity ( McEwen, 2007 ). And while cortisol is associated with adversity, it is not simply that; most of it is tied to energy expenditure. Cortisol is the hormone at least characterized fairly as the steroid hormone tied to energy balance. Fear is metabolically expensive. It

Trystan S. Goetze

inconsistent, marked by competition between the theoretical and practical factions, leaving it to the administrators to strike some form of balance between the two. Properly managed, the mixing of research and teaching dedicated, on the one hand, to the life of the mind as an end in itself, and, on the other

Allen Mendenhall

devote to enduring and rehabilitating them.” 49 Holmes may not have shared the theological premises that underscore this view, but he was committed to restraining excessive human impulses, open to dissenting opinions, and accommodating of ideological difference. He sought to balance inevitable

Hope and Irony

A Comparative Study of the Philosophies of Richard Rorty and Jonathan Lear

Kresten Lundsgaard-Leth

matter—much rather seek to balance the hopefulness of our will with the contingency of our finite existence in a somewhat different manner. The most crucial adjustment regarding the aforementioned balancing of hope and irony is put thus forward by Rorty himself in a declamatory comment on Derrida

Manuel Rodeiro

-enlargement synthesize the disparate aims of self-creation and social-solidarity in Rorty’s liberal state. For one, such an interpretation eloquently explains how Rorty struck an astonishing balance between private self-creation (ironic doubt) and public solidarity (social hope) by recognizing that each pragmatic aim

Daniel P. Richards

and, when he did venture into the metaphysical realm, he became mystical. For example, Charlene Seigfried argues that, on balance, it would be better to conclude that Dewey did not develop a metaphysics at all” (44). 9 Bennet claims that Dewey “flirts with the posthuman conception of action” in the

Asger Sørensen

university. Tong Shijun thus recognizes the problems facing China with regard to balancing the “the quality and the quantity of scientific research,” 86 and one way to handle this has been to reconsider both the particular spirit of each university and the idea of the university as such. Regarding the

John P. Anderson

than a modus vivendi . 43 A modus vivendi is a point of equilibrium at which parties who are at odds agree to terms for no other reason than that observing those terms is in their present strategic interest. 44 But since a balance of interests is all that supports a constitutional order