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Iris Seri-Hersch

’s character “effective” and meaningful. They warned against the dangers of a lack of balance in developing certain qualities (e.g. self-confidence) at the expense of others (helpfulness). A picture of general aims in life could help the individual to balance his character. 63 Interestingly, Griffiths and


Stephan Guth

how long and if he will regain emotional balance abroad; and Émilie decides to spend the rest of her life in a monastery as a nun. Emotionalist aspects can also be observed elsewhere in Way , for example in some passages, woven into the text, on poetical criticism. In these, al-Khūrī(‘s narrator


Francesca Bellino

Istānbūl Markaz al-abḥāth li-l-ta⁠ʾrīkh wa-l-funūn wa-l-thaqāfa al-islāmiyya 2010 6 266 Ḥājjī Khalīfa Muṣṭafā ibn ʿAbdallāh The Balance of Truth Kātib Chelebi G. L


Katharina Ivanyi

iqtiṣād in the Ṭarīqa is significant, with Birgivī defining virtue—in classic Aristotelian fashion—as the golden mean between two extremes and thus as a point of moderation or balance. Part two ( al-bāb al-thānī ) of the Ṭarīqa is divided into three chapters, just like part one. The first of these


Astrid Meier

as Gril describes it, ibid., 228: “Receptivity to the Word, then, exerts an action of balancing, and consequently inspires the right attitude in any situation, whether it be a matter of doctrine, path of initiation, religious practice or of comportment towards any being whatsoever.” 330 Shifāʾ


Olivier Bouquet

français, négociaient des dossiers complexes, s’initiaient aux règles financières internationales, s’informaient des techniques militaires les plus sophistiquées, fréquentaient des salons en vue, animaient le balancé mondain et allaient à l’opéra. À la lecture des sources, il semble néanmoins que des


Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen

universe. 59 Each tried to find a balance in terms of identity. The new meanings attributed to piety, to modernity, and to manners by modernists and reformists were not simply copied from European concepts, which were in the midst of being ­created, nor were they a continuity of Islamic traditions. An

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