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Donald J. Harreld

Commercial Networks and European Cities, 1400-1800 , London: Pickering and Chatto, 2014, 306 pp. isbn 978-1-848-93450-4, $99.00. Many scholars have jumped on the social network bandwagon in recent years and as a result the concept, at least among historians, has become muddled. Social network

British history bandwagon at last begun to roll? Since John Pocock's "plea for a new subject" in the mid-1970s, the idea of writing a history of the Atlantic archipelago in terms of the evolution and interactions of its constituent polities, peoples, and cultures has attracted only fitful attention. It

Martine Julia van Ittersum and Victor Enthoven

. Recently, KITLV has hopped on the Atlantic History bandwagon as well. The ‘Atlantic World and the Dutch’ (AWAD) project aims to pre- serve and study the common cultural heritages resulting from Dutch contact with the peoples of both Africa and the Americas over a period of some fi ve hundred years. 14 The

Eric Schliesser

and the Theory of Price Movements,” Econometrica , 29: 315–35, as characterizing precise (and rather infrequent) circumstances in which this can take place. As Wade Hands points out, Herbert A. Simon (1954) “Bandwagon and Underdog Effects and the Possibility of Election Predictions” Public Opinion

Paul Begheyn

1655. 10 Other publishers jumped on the bandwagon, and came with five more editions, three in Dutch (1654, 1655, 1660), and two in Latin (1655, 1661). 11 The Dutch translation inspired the most famous Dutch poet of the seventeenth century, Joost van den Vondel (1587-1679), to write a theatre piece

A Shot in the Foot

The Change of Protestant Churches in Post-War Society in the Netherlands

George Harinck

jumped onto the bandwagon of the new ideology, in the hope that in doing so it could regain its important role in society. The Dutch churches did not opt for the same route, but which alternatives were open to them? Whoever hoped that the church could play an important social role in society once

Michiel van Groesen

several leading publishers joined the Brazilian bandwagon before the turn of the year, and  consequently became a crucial year for Dutch Americana.  It was concluded in appropriate fashion by the appearance of Johannes de Laet’s treatise Nieuwe Werelt, ofte Beschrijvinge van West Indien [Th e New

Herman De La Fontaine

reconciliation: a courageous action if one remembers that Alva was to enter Brussels a week later and that Margaret was packing her chattels. As Fruin says, Guicciardini was far from jumping on bandwagons. Both the Italian and the French edition of 1567 (of the latter there are also copies with the date 1568