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Looking Beyond Ruins

From Material Heritage to a Grassroots-based Modernity in Southern China

Christopher Cheng (鄭藝超)

of modernity—Taishan, another well-to-do qiaoxiang . Undoubtedly, new structures and improved amenities were an inspiration for neighbors and kin. Given the limited economic prospects in the homeland, many others must have been motivated by what they saw and decided to join the band-wagon of

Chang-hui Chi

jumped on the bandwagon to migrate to colonial Singapore and found themselves uprooted in a situation of neither here nor there. Th is piece of research illustrates the role of social organizations in which workers and trad- ers were involved and the signifi cance of these organizations and their

Nationalisms and Soft Power Games (民族主义, 软实力的博弈)

Chinese Language Programs in Thailand (跌宕起伏的泰国中文教育)

Jiemin Bao (包洁敏)

Marie “Beyond Balancing and Bandwagoning: Thailand’s Response to China’s Rise” Asian Security 2010 6 10 1 27 Murray Douglas P. “Chinese Education in South-east Asia” China Quarterly 1964 67 67 95 Nye Joseph S. Jr. “China’s Soft

Philip C. C. Huang (黄宗智)

jump on the bandwagon; the market gets saturated and then glutted with unsold products; prices drop sharply, causing big losses to many peasants, until some new and better balance is arrived at between demand and supply. For peasants, it is a precarious mode of operation that has allowed a few to