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asked about their time in care. Needless to say, lawyers representing former residents tell a very different story. The civil cases, the bandwagon syndrome and the problematic police investiga- tions are still ‘live’ and controversial issues in the UK – far more so, in fact, than the events that

. The sensation remains that a different conclusion might have been reached if the book had not given the impression (true or not) of an attempt to clamber aboard the already heavily-laden "international child rights" bandwagon - if it had been more modestly and honestly entitled "improving respect for

Eric Blyth

), clinicians elsewhere did not wait for the procedure to be evaluated before jumping onto the ICSI “bandwagon”. Between 1993 and 1995, the number of centres worldwide providing ICSI increased nearly threefold, while the annual number of ICSI cycles increased nearly eightfold (Tarlatzis and Bili, 2000). ICSI


’, Winnipeg Free Press , 15 November 1993: ‘We can all be thankful that Justice Minister Rosemary Vodrey has no intention of climbing on Ms. McGillivray’s anti-spanking bandwagon’. The third was a dismissive editorial. Letters to the editor disagreed: ‘I’m all for climbing aboard Anne McGillivray’s anti

David T. Evans

the Daily Telegraph'.s Viewpoint column (26 August 1983) commented "Once upon a time less than 25 years ago most children were sheltered and fully protected from the adult world." 25 30 October 1986). It was within the following two years that the parental abuse bandwagon gathered speed. Media