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Aqueil Ahmad

have done an outstanding job of bringing these issues to the national and international attention. While the governments of the region follow the science and techno- logy policy bandwagon, they have neither the will nor the resources to imple- ment the policies. The scientific communities are generally


. Extroversion characterized the African response. Westerners saw 237 military coups as a reflection of the bankruptcy of civilian one-party regimes-a culmination of authoritarian trends and polarized ethnic hostility. The second wave response of African commentators was to join the dependencia bandwagon

Cheng-Tian Kuo

bandwagon effect soon spilled over from one business sector to another one. The most lucra- tive real estate and stock market sectors particularly required political connection in order to reap their exorbitant proŽ ts. In contrast to the authoritarian rulers’s distaste for large capitalists, President Lee

Djamila Schans

‘container business,’ not everyone has succeeded since some people start without the appropriate knowledge or capital. As one informant explained: When Africans see someone succeeding in a certain area, they all want to jump on the bandwagon. However, the fact that all of a sudden everyone is doing the

Sharifah Munirah Alatas

states do when faced with increasingly strong and potentially threatening big powers? A review of the literature reveals that international relations ( ir ) theorists have offered two broad answers to this central question: smaller states are likely to either balance against or bandwagon with that

Heon Joo Jung and Han Wool Jeong

argued that South Koreans chose to bandwagon with it and to enjoy political and economic benefits by maintaining and strengthening cooperative relations with China (Walt, 1987 ). Second, the historical and cultural influence of the “Middle Kingdom” on the Korean peninsula as well as the diplomatic

Attitudes toward Human Rights

Modal and Individual Personalities in Taiwan

Jeffrey J. Guo and Meei-Ying Kao

relationship between personality type and attitudes, people in Taiwan may possibly tend to “climb on the bandwagon” to protect themselves in life, while in the process sacrificing free and courageous thinking. Discussion This research was a pioneer study and its findings highlight several points of

Zaglul Haider

Canada and a wide cultural gap between the two countries hindered the speedy growth of bilateralism. With regard to this, it is worthy to quote Huntington: Countries tend to bandwagon with countries of similar culture and to balance against countries with which they lack cultural commonality. This is

Perceived Threats and Governing Capacity

Building National Identities in Post-Colonial Singapore and Macao

Bill Chou

’s leaders had rather free hands in defining their own national identity. The perceived threat in Macao was much less pressing. Macao insulated itself from much of the security threat and jumped on the bandwagon of the booming Chinese economy. The cultural affinity and ethnic homogeneity enables Macao

Emmanuel Kwesi Aning

Kwesi Aning and order’ ( OAU Con fl ict Management Review , 1996: 4). Closely related to international interventions are issues of sovereignty, ‘legitimate’ govern- ments and how these determine the ‘neutrality’ from or bandwagoning with parties to the con fl ict (Mayall, 1996; Lyons & Mastaduno, 1996). 6