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Andrew Barker and Egert Pöhlmann

little patience with the briefly fashionable ‘-isms’ of literary theory. In one of his book reviews he describes structuralism as ‘one of the bulkier bandwagons at present cluttering the road to truth’. 18 But such remarks, when coming from West’s pen, are not just cheap gibes. In this case, whether one

Aryeh Kosman

the bandwagon loving whoever happens to be beloved—someone is beloved because he is (being) loved, and not the other way around. (I’ve again here added being in parentheses because that was the convention I earlier introduced to express passions as distinct from passive states.) 
 What’s is revealed

Ilias N. Arnaoutoglou

lasting effect. Even that, however, seems to me putting too much importance on the political function of the oath as ritual. Could the annually sworn Heliastic oath convince the Heliasts to initiate a “resistance bandwagon” against proposals aimed at curtailing democracy? Another parameter in regime

James Kierstead

individual examples of tyrant-killing legislation depended on a similar logic, ‘the dynamics of bandwagoning’. The third is that this type of legislation ‘contributed to the success of democracy in the ancient Greek world’ (p. xii). Teegarden supports this last claim in his Introduction, Conclusion, in the

William W. Batstone

only comments in passing on "a monotonous parade of surrenderers and collaborationists" or on "bandwagon propaganda", see 958. In other words, by examining propaganda in terms of ter- minology and policy (a collection of themes like clemency, violence, cruelty, com- petence, etc.), he is not in a