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Geoff Gilbert

warming. In one sense, international criminal law is still in its infancy, especially with respect to prosecutions before an international criminal court, such that jumping on this particular bandwagon may, to mix metaphors, rock the boat both in relation to international responses to climate change and

Bond and Meghan Fougere Article 21(3) of the Rome Statute: A Plea for Clarity  513–550 Stephen Bailey International Criminal Law Is not a Panacea -Why Proposed Climate Change ‘Crimes’ Are Just Another Passenger on an Overcrowded Bandwagon  551–587 Geoff Gilbert

John Löwenhardt

400 and 1,400 Canadians, many of Ukrainian descent, arrived via other organisational routes. From Poland, too, many more came unofficially or through NGO contacts rather than on the royal OSCE bandwagon. Russia sent ten MFA officials as OSCE observers – and a multitude in other ways. In the case of


asked about their time in care. Needless to say, lawyers representing former residents tell a very different story. The civil cases, the bandwagon syndrome and the problematic police investiga- tions are still ‘live’ and controversial issues in the UK – far more so, in fact, than the events that

Herman de Lange

bandwagoning with more powerful countries and the involvement of initially unfriendly and rival states in processes that finally result in removing state's security dilemmas. This is a very radical change that occurred in the last phase of the Cold War in Europe. Notions like common security (Palme Commission

Lars H. Fallberg and Edgar Borgenhammar

ending up on the bandwagon, compa- red to a number of social activities. However, the Commission also found argu- ments against legislation: 343 1. It is difficult to define rights of the patient to health care as clearly and meaningfully as, for example, the right to a certain type of housing, finan

. The sensation remains that a different conclusion might have been reached if the book had not given the impression (true or not) of an attempt to clamber aboard the already heavily-laden "international child rights" bandwagon - if it had been more modestly and honestly entitled "improving respect for

Jayeel Cornelio and Robbin Charles M. Dagle

Catholic bishops echoed this sentiment after Ireland voted to legalise same-sex marriage on 22 May 2015. In the same year, the US Supreme Court also voted to legalise same-sex marriage nationwide. In a statement, Malolos bishop Jose Oliveros asked Filipinos not to jump on the bandwagon of same-sex marriage

Albert van Hal

- DPMNE which had waited a long time before joining the petition now jumped on the bandwagon. The petition had now become a golden opportunity to recover from a deep crisis. The party was falling apart in different factions. Supporters of the different factions were using fists and guns to settle

Conrad Nyamutata

entrepreneurs” solve collective action problems. 47 Part of the role of the transnational moral entrepreneurs is to suppress discredited or contrarian perceptions. “Norm bandwagons,” according to Sunstein, “occur when the lowered cost of expressing new norms encourages an ever-increasing number of people to