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I. William Zartman

bandwagonning, depending on whether the newly- added parties affect the shape of the growing mass or simply come on board a moving machine. However, on that general process there are important variations that depend on the nature of the core and the basis of its cohesion. 180 I. WILLIAM ZARTMAN These

Nimet Beriker

often limited to bandwagoning with key allies. In return, middle powers are often provided some security benefits from their key partner. In a diffused system, however, this relationship is more complicated than simple bandwagoning. Given that middle powers do not have much positional power in shaping


point to the system in order to explain the causes, which lead nations to take specific actions. Hegemonic Stability theory would point to the pressure of a hegemon to explain cooperation and conflict while Balance of Power Theory would point to band-wagoning or balancing, to explain peace and

Maria F. Agius

, a case of what has been called ‘legal band-wagoning’ (Davis 2006 ). However, if the dispute is settled, rather than ruled upon, there are indications that concessions made to the complainant are not always extended to third parties. 10 The outcome of litigation can further be used as benchmarking

Christophe Dupont

example, strate- gic sequencing, luring others to join or to defect, and bandwagoning). These authors have distanced themselves from pure game-theoretical approaches and emphasized the influence of organizational features, such as their history and power structure. Additional approaches have sought to

Cha Yeow Siah

benefits before jumping on the bandwagon to conduct research on the internet. Potential Pitfalls in Internet-based Studies The two most commonly employed research methods on the internet are sur- veys, followed by experiments. The discussion of problems related to internet- based study will be made

Felipe Leal Albuquerque

-riders,” “spoilers,” and “bandwagons,” among others. Beyond such classifications, these powers, as happens to their developed peers, can enact contradicting foreign policy behaviors. In contrast to perceptions that reify permanence, countries develop varying external traits in different issue-areas, partnerships

Ilan Manor and Rhys Crilley

Angeles : Figueroa Press , 2009 ). Deacon , David and James Stanyer . ‘ Mediatization: Key Concept or Conceptual Bandwagon? ’ Media, Culture and Society 36 ( 7 ) ( 2014 ): 1032 - 1033 . DOI 10.1177/0163443714542218. De Vreese , Claes H. ‘ News Framing: Theory and Typology

Valentin Zahrnt

agree for a substantive consensus to be assumed. Th en the bandwagon rolls, and it becomes difficult for any state to resist formal consensus, since states want to evade the political costs of being the cause of failure, particularly after strenuous negotia- tions. Rules that regulate the trade policy of

Bruce Hemmer, John Graham, Paula Garb and Marlett Phillips

many citizens as to create such a critical mass of support for peace that most leaders and other citizens join the bandwagon. How the level of democracy in a society affects the ability of Track-Two diplomacy to influence politicians or the public is not well theorized or often studied, though the