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he never subscribed to the bandwagon mentality of fashion and instead maintained a more timeless silhouette inspired by classical lines and a limited palette of blue, buff, black and white. Careful consideration in dress reflects a mind that likes to arrange things and put them in good order – to

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writing, the Gospel of Truth, was offered on July 26, 1955 to C. G. Jung at his 80 year's birthday party. The other books of this codex were published in due time: some delay was caused by aliens who had jumped on my bandwagon. After publication the manuscript was generously donated 89 to the Coptic

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conducted without detailed source-critical work and en- deavour in the history of religions, this alone does not make par- ticular conclusions necessarily right. Both Fiorenza and Segundo would not perhaps deem them- selves as trying to jump on the Quest's bandwagon. Even so, they have been dragged onto it

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, 1983 . Scott , Bernard Brandon . Hear Then the Parable: A Commentary on the Parables of Jesus . Minneapolis : Fortress , 1989 . Shannon , Claude E. “ The Bandwagon .” IRE Transactions on Information Theory 2 / 1 ( 1956 ). Shannon , Claude E. “ A Mathematical Theory of

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