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Dale Tracy

; agency requires belief. In Mitchell’s celebrated award-winning and film-adapted novel, six story halves lead up to the central story, after which the six stories resume in descending order. During his travels as a notary, American Adam Ewing witnesses Autua, a Moriori slave, beaten by his Maori overseer

Jernej Habjan

is expected from novels. But we should expect more from a novelistic refraction of a notebook statement. We should expect a third position, one that responds to the very response to Scott’s idea: an utterance that profanes the belief that “our Slovenian inns and innkeepers … are no less original

Mélanie Bourlet

the nation first and foremost as an imaginary, a belief in the collective, as much as a mode of “relation” which, she recalls, is constantly evolving in this globalized world. Casanova maintains that the denial of literary nationalisms is itself a form of “intellectual nationalism” and an obstacle to

Translating a Translingual Tongue

Yoko Tawada, Chantal Wright, and the World

Douglas Robinson

inappropriately medieval; I could see a witch banging on my lower back with a hammer. [literally, witch’s shot; lower back pain, lumbago] The term stems from the medieval belief that a shot from a witch’s arrow was

Whirls of Faith and Fancy

House Symbolism and Sufism in Elif Shafak’s The Flea Palace

Verena Laschinger

traditions of France, Turkey, the U.S. , and across the globe. The Flea Palace presents characters of various cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and nationalities stranded in a “once grandiose”, now run-down, roach-infested apartment building called Bonbon Palace (76). It employs the apartment

Ethiopian Intellectual History and the Global

Käbbädä Mikael’s Geographies of Belonging

Sara Marzagora

“irrational” and “illogical” choices, feelings, beliefs and values. These individuals are enmeshed in power relations and power struggles, and geography, it was argued, and had a role to play in dismantling oppressive structures and fighting for “spatial justice” (Soja). Like some of these critiques, my

Håkan Möller

overwhelming argument in favor of awarding the prize to a battling humanist, and his contribution to and belief in humanity during a dark and difficult era. This, without doubt, was the Lagerkvist who, with academic support, was now selected as a representative of recent idealistic poetry. To put it another

Translator Ksenija Vraneš and Branko Vraneš

lyricism emerges organically from Crnjanski’s poetic belief (so-called Sumatraism or Etherism ) in the spiritual connections between his European homeland and the distant cultural spaces of China, Japan and Indonesia. Ivo Andrić (1892–1975) is the only writer from the former Yugoslavia to have

Anthologizing Race

Folk, Volk and Untranslation in the Weimar Republic

Anna Muenchrath

common Volk traditions, languages, and beliefs that constituted it. It was not the genealogy of the people, but the genealogy of the folk-ways and traditions that united the whole. While Herder had suggested that the Volk manifests itself in its language, later German linguists and philosophers

African Cultural Festivals and World Literature

From the Map to the Territory

Claire Ducournau

festivals, the narrator oscillates between cynicism and belief in the value of literature, a belief that involves this literary output itself, especially since it has been published after Efoui’s residency in Nantes as a writer: From one book to another – What will you do … And you’ll be back, from one book