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Octavian Saiu

, brought up with the values of a traditional Orthodox society in which the medieval notion of salvation was still powerful. 5 The other was Irish, and grew up in a country where the Catholic principles were so strong that not even the Protestant beliefs of his own family could neutralize them. 6 This way


Simone Celine Marshall and Carole M. Cusack

together the medieval method of interpretation to lead to spiritual understanding. Hoban’s understanding is conspicuously secular, and yet this religious method of interpretation shows that within the post- holocaust world of Riddley Walker , spiritual belief is exactly what society needs. This conclusion


Holly Phillips

to raid Mahaffy’s store of demented particulars. It seems quite possible that in Descartes’ false consciousness (his belief that the “I” marked the Archimedean point of existence), and, as Mahaffy presents it, in his duplicitous nature (he at once hailed his work radical break with Scholastic thought


Gro Bjørnerud Mo

was at once very old and very direct, uninterrupted, oral, deformed, hardly recognizable, and alive.” 6 As in a dream, this contact appears to be immediate, simple and vibrant, but also distorted, strange and centuries old. The narrator seems to smile at Françoise’s simple beliefs at first, but then


Chris Ackerley

decreed that the mystery must endure. 12 Figura and the Four-Fold Way It is my belief that God is of an artistic temperament and has therefore chosen to let his own work be beyond his understanding. 13 I have identified these iconic figures (Eusa, Punch and Greanvine) to ground this chapter in their


Anna Czarnowus

the nation for a deeper philosophy.” 16 Newman himself did not approve of the Gothic Revival. Nevertheless, the two Victorian tendencies, enthusiasm for medievalist architecture and Catholic beliefs, are combined in Waugh’s A Handful of Dust . Tony Last’s religion and the place he inhabits are


Jonathan Ullyot

Introduction “I want to maintain that after a hundred years of romanticism,” T. E. Hulme begins his famous lecture to the Quest Society in 1911, “we are in for a classical revival.” 1 Hulme characterizes Romanticism as the belief that man is “an infinite reservoir of possibilities,” whereas


Carole M. Cusack

confession, and the forgiveness of sins, is central to Tannhäuser , and the Catholic mass is central to Parsifal . Yet in Parsifal Wagner attempts “a synthesis of Indian [Buddhist] and Christian beliefs.” 16 It is sufficient to note that this is a modern exercise that has no predecessor in the Middle


Joseph A. Mendes

and is now keenly aware of what he has abandoned by abdicating. That despair is compounded by the realization that his earlier judgment to elevate Conchobar was incorrect since the “burden without end” continues to be a burden. The solution for Fergus’s sorrow reflects Yeats’ beliefs about seeking one