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Andrew Lambert

a conflict between two well-established practices or ideals: impartiality and close friendship. In one corner is impartiality: the belief that all people are to be treated equally and no one is to receive preferential treatment. Impartiality in the story arises partly in the demand for impartiality


Tazuko van Berkel

where it confronts collective belief, it can only establish, with great difficulty, truths that are not so much unknown as repressed; and that it cannot include, in the model it produces to account for practice, the individual or collective, private or official, subjective illusion against which it has


Allan Silver

have obeyed him,” said he. Cicero condemns this reply: Doing wrong for the sake of a friend never justifies that wrong. Belief in a friend’s virtue sustains the friendship. It’s hard for the friendship to continue once the virtue is gone. 37 For Montaigne, Gracchus and Blosius “were friends before they


Ping Wang

understanding of friendship, Confucian ethics are not that different from Daoist beliefs, although they are from different realms. While Daoists interpret life from a metaphysical point of view. Confucius says: “Heaven has condemned me to the conventional realm.” Confucius admits that such limitations


Ranjini Obeyesekere

conceptualize the different forms friendship can take, outside the context of a religious belief system, this happens to fall into a special category—an unlikely, unusual and intense friendship that depends purely on an accidental association and the companionship and trust that develops from it. As this story


Nita Kumar

-dualistic; a belief in certain lifestyle practices and in the values of mauj, masti, phakkarpan (freedom, carefreeness, eccentricity) in the conduct of one’s time. Within this rather large set of thousands of people who are comfortable with each other because they share the same values and practices, calling