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Antonietta Provenza

material (125). This paradox is clearly visible in the claim for “autochthonous traditions”, which is linked with the belief concerning the presence of “authoritative copies” of a literary work in a poet’s hometown, and also with the tradition of pilgrimages to the poets’ graves and birthplaces, and

Bradley Hald

appropriate the Athenians’ capacity for rational evaluation, resulting in the construction of a set of beliefs that deeply distorts reality and, as I argue, replicates the corrupted epistemologies of the Corcyrean stasis and Athenian plague episodes. The problematic relationship established between acoustics


Nuno Simões Rodrigues

left unburied, the princess chooses to honor her religious and personal beliefs, burying her brother who had died in combat. Antigone is a resistant in defiance of institutionalized power, who remains faithful to her principles as well as to that which she believes is natural justice, as opposed to men


Rosanna Lauriola

betrayed wife who kills her innocent sons in retribution against her husband Jason for his faithlessness. Such an oversimplifying reason – a betrayed wife’s jealousy – which should account for such a ‘beyond-any-belief’ action – a mother’s infanticide – has mostly become what Medea stands for, at least in


Maria António Hörster and Maria de Fátima Silva

maternity. Hélia Correia emphasizes this phase of Medea’s experience through expressions that signal her effort to adapt, or even her belief that she had adapted well to her new life: (10): “… entrou no gineceu como a mais comezinha das mulheres” (she entered the women’s quarters as the commonest of women


Maria de Fátima Silva

the nature of human relationships, notably as concerns those between Greeks – or citizens from a given country – and foreign exiles (214–24). In the Greek version, Medea, the Colchian exile, takes care to address a friendly word to the Corinthian women choreuts as well as to voice her belief on the


Carlos Morais

, based on the news disseminated both by the Spanish and the French press, António Sérgio became convinced, or did not hide his fear, that, should there be a democratic revolution in Portugal, the dictatorship would count on the military support of Primo de Rivera. 77 That was also Creon’s belief. After


Daniel Regnier

corresponds to what we are referring to as non-discursive communication. 19 Tarkovsky shares with many other film makers and theorists the belief that the specificity of the cinematic art goes beyond the narrative and dramatic elements that it shares with literature and theatre. Although he does not eliminate


Gabriel Danzig

between these two men deal with fundamental ideological questions about Jewish belief and behavior, and as a result they feature commonly in Jewish educational activities, both in schools and in extra-curricular contexts. After I studied one of the disputations with my son, he was asked, quite


Faith Pennick Morgan

the late antique period was by no means uniform or consistent. On a more individual level, the presence of Christian images and symbols on clothing might be taken as an indication of the religious beliefs of the wearer