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The Recycled Bible

Autobiography, Culture, and the Space Between


Edited by Fiona Black

The essays in this volume trace the Bible as it is “recycled” through a wide range of Western cultural “texts,” from beer to the devil—and much in between. They consciously and critically employ the personal voice to explore the interplay between culture and biblical texts. To this end, the essays occupy “the space between” the two discourses of autobiographical and cultural criticism, interacting with each in a variety of ways, and to a variety of depths. Taken together, they illustrate the breadth of these recent approaches to the Bible as well as some of the marvelous creativity that has become the hallmark of this kind of work. The contributors are George Aichele, Fiona C. Black, Roland Boer, Deborah Krause, Ela Nutu, Tina Pippin, Hugh S. Pyper, Erin Runions, James A. Smith, and Andrew Wilson.

Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (

The Book of Enoch or I Enoch

A New English Edition with Commentary and Textual Notes. With an Appendix on the 'Astronomical' Chapters (72-82) by O. Neugebauer


Edited by Black



This book examines a widespread, and often misunderstood, doctrine within the medieval Aristotelian tradition, namely the inclusion of Aristotle's Rhetoric and Poetics within the scope of the Organon. It studies this doctrine, as presented by the Islamic philosophers Al- Fārābī, Avicenna, and Averroes, from a purely philosophical perspective, and argues that the logical construal of the arts of rhetoric and poetics is both interesting and illuminating.
The book begins by examining some prevalent misconceptions regarding the logical interpretation of the Rhetoric and Poetics. Chapter two considers the Greek background of the doctrine, first through an examination of the Aristotelian divisions of the sciences, and then through an examination of the beginnings of the logical classification of the Rhetoric and Poetics among the Greek commentators from the school of Alexandria. The remainder of the work is devoted to a detailed consideration of the Arabic philosophers' development of the doctrine, both their understanding of its general epistemological and logical underpinnings, and their elaboration of the specific logical structures upon which poetical and rhetorical discourse is based. Consideration is also given to the relationship between contemporary philosophical views of rhetoric and poetics, and the views of these medieval authors.


Deniz Burcu Erciyas

A rebellious kingdom on the margins of the great Roman Empire or a kingdom in pursuit of a wider sovereignity? In spite of its notorious political history under the reign of Mithradates VI (120-63 BC), the social and economic history of the Black Sea region constitutes an uncharted territory. This book is a first comprehensive study of the archaeological, literary, and numismatic evidence from the central Black Sea region of Turkey during the Hellenistic Period. The monetary policies of the Pontic cities, testimonial to regional unification under Mithradates and his political influence on neighbouring lands are studied in separate sections. The section on the discovery of a remarkable tomb at Amisos reveals the emergence of the Pontic cities early as the fourth/early 3rd century BC.


Edited by Ezra Black, Roger Garside and Geoffrey Leech

This book is about building computer programs that parse (analyze, or diagram) sentences of a real-world English. The English we are concerned with might be a corpus of everyday, naturally-occurring prose, such as the entire text of this morning's newspaper.
Most programs that now exist for this purpose are not very successful at finding the correct analysis for everyday sentences. In contrast, the programs described here make use of a more successful statistically-driven approach.
Our book is, first, a record of a five-year research collaboration between IBM and Lancaster University. Large numbers of real-world sentences were fed into the memory of a program for grammatical analysis (including a detailed grammar of English) and processed by statistical methods. The idea is to single out the correct parse, among all those offered by the grammar, on the basis of probabilities. Second, this is a how-to book, showing how to build and implement a statistically-driven broad-coverage grammar of English. We even supply our own grammar, with the necessary statistical algorithms, and with the knowledge needed to prepare a very large set (or corpus) of sentences so that it can be used to guide the statistical processing of the grammar's rules.

Ancient Berezan

The Architecture, History and Culture of the First Greek Colony in the Northern Black Sea


Sergei Solovyov

Edited by John Boardman and G.R. Tsetskhladze

Greek colonisation of the Black Sea area is one of the most hotly disputed aspects of Black Sea archaeology, and the date of the first appearance of Greeks in this part of the ancient world is far from clear. The limited evidence gives us little idea of the character of these colonies and their physical appearance. This volume, the fourth in the Colloquia Pontica series, deals with Berezan, the first Greek colony established in the northern Black Sea, thus also the first of a ring of Greek city-states which linked the Western world with the vast steppe territory of the Scythians. For more than 100 years archaeologists from Russia and the Ukraine have been excavating this extraordinary island site. This is the first synthesis of their work in any language. It presents the history and archaeology of the site from its establishment in the 7th century BC down to the medieval period. It has 118 tables, maps and photographs.

Hear Our Voices

Race, Gender and the Status of Black South African Women in the Academy


Edited by Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela and Zine Magubane

This book has a twofold goal: first, the contributors aim to expose the racist and sexist practices that still suffuse the instutitional culture of South-African universities. Secondly, they seek to apply the alternative theoretical and methodological frameworks of black feminist thought. However particular their individual stories, this books offers rich material of interest to women scholars everywhere.

Sister Outsiders

The Representation of Identity and Difference in Selected Writings by South African Indian Women


Devarakshanam Govinden

Sister outsiders draws attention to a neglected corpus of writing in South African literary criticism. The focus is on the exclusion of Indian women's writings in South Africa, which must be seen as a dimension of the larger exclusion of women's writings, white and black, from South African literature in general. The book provides an historical account of the events that contributed to the marginalisation of black literature - specifically Indian women's literature - amongst other things, the institutionalisation of English Studies which affected the reading and reception of texts written by Indian women, and the contstruction of an indigenous English literary tradition that did not include black writers as much as it did white writers of English descent, writing about South African experiences.