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Matthew Cobb

-83). 2 In the case of black pepper ( Piper nigrum ), attestation of its use may go as far back as the reign of Ramesses II (r. 1279-1213 BCE ) for it is possible that grains were used in his mummification (Gilboa and Namdar 2015: 272). Acknowledging such earlier movements of goods, it is also clear

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Nicola Di Cosmo

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010 DOI: 10.1163/002249910X12573963244241 Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 53 (2010) 83-108 Black Sea Emporia and the Mongol Empire: A Reassessment of the Pax Mongolica Nicola Di Cosmo * Abstract Th e term Pax Mongolica

Ronald C. Jennings

BLACK SLAVES AND FREE BLACKS IN OTTOMAN CYPRUS, 1590-1640* BY RONALD C. JENNINGS (University of Illinois) Black slaves from Africa south of the Sahara were much in demand in the Ottoman empire in the 16th and 17th centuries, but scant at- tention has been given to their places of origin, the

Bart Wagemakers

to the fact that this category of documentation is usually kept in private homes, it is frequently stored in unfavourable conditions, which can often result in damage to the documents. In the case of black-and-white photographs, for example, irreversible damage – depending on the conditions of the

Bryane Michael and Say Goo

” shown in the black boxes on the far right do not add up. They represent the extent to an “impulse” in that time frame. Readers unfamiliar with Fourier analysis only need to read the data like a normal regression—keeping in mind that we used more sensitive, appropriate methods for these time series data

Correspondence of Swammerdam (1664–1679)

Linguistics and Literature

Eric Jorink

highlight those of interest. Without a camera to capture images, Swammerdam made drawings of his specimens, first in red crayon, then completed in black ink or pencil. Many of the drawings were ultimately transferred to copper plates for printing ( Cobb, 2015 ). 3. Problem 3.1. Circulation of knowledge The

Bhavani Raman

Sanjay Subrahmanyam . 2001 . Textures of Time: Writing History in South India 1600-1800 . Delhi : Permanent Black . Narayana Rao , Velcheru and Sanjay Subrahmanyam . 2008 . An Elegy for Nīti : Politics as a Secular Discursive Field in the Indian Old Régime . Common Knowledge 14 / 3

Subah Dayal

of a certain individual—Muhammad Beg, son of Hasan ʿAli Beg, son of Razaq Beg, from the qawm of mughal turkmān (Mughal Turkomen), a resident of Mashhad, of wheatish complexion, broad forehead, open eyebrows, sheep-eyed, long-nosed, with a black beard and moustache—and then outlines each facial

Eric Lewis Beverley

: 317 - 349 . Alavi , Seema . 2007 . Islam and Healing: Loss and Recovery of an Indo-Muslim Medical Tradition, 1600-1900 . Ranikhet : Permanent Black . Alavi , Seema . 2015 . Muslim Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Empire . Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press . Ali , Moulavi