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Matthew Black

Black 1) J. T. Milik with the collaboration of M. Black, The Books of Enoch: Aramaic Fragments of Qumrân Cave 4, (Oxford, 1976), pp. 245 f. The Apocalypse of Weeks forms part of the Epistle (or Fifth Book) of Enoch. 2) p. 246: Milik describes it as written in a "beautiful semi-cursive script", but cf

M. Black

influence of Philonic teaching on Judaism. 5) Leeds M. BLACK HIT �� M � R (Deut. XXI 14; XXIV 7) Die voriiegende Verbalform begegnet an zwei Stellen der deute- ronomischen Gesetzgebung; a) bei einer Kriegsgefangenen, die - nach Vornahme bestimmter Handlungen - von ihrem Herrn geehe- licht wird (Deut. XXI 10

Ariel Feldman and Faina Feldman

study would not be possible without the assistance of Dr. Pnina Shor, Ms. Orit Rosengarten, and Ms. Yael Barschak of the IAA who provided us with all the new images of 4Q148. 47 Unless stated otherwise, the black and white images used in this section of the article are based on PAM 43.456. 48 Unless

Geza Vermes and Matthew Black

antiquated in many respects. With a view, therefore, to rendering service to scholarship a team of ten translator- revisers are bringing ScnuRER up to date under the joint editorship of Matthew BLACK, Professor of Biblical Criticism in the University of St. Andrews, and of Geza VERMES, Reader in Jewish

Polly Zavadivker

This paper sheds new light on The Black Book (known in Russian as Chernaia kniga ), an anthology of documentary and literary accounts of the Nazi mass murder of Jews in occupied Soviet territory during World War II. 1 This remarkable 2,000 page anthology was compiled between 1943 and 1946 and

Michael A. Knibb

... Spdtjudentum ..."! Margarete SCHLUTER REVIEW OF BOOKS Matthew BLACK in consultation with James C. VANDERKAM, The Book of Enoch or 1 Enoch: A New English Edition with Commentary and Textual Notes. With an Appendix on the "Astronomical" Chapters (72-82) by Otto NEUGEBAUER (Studia in Veteris Testamenti

Shem Miller

: Eerdmans , 2005 ). Berrin [Tzoref] , Shani . The Pesher Nahum Scroll from Qumran: An Exegetical Study of 4Q169 ( Leiden : Brill , 2004 ). Black , Jeremy , and Donald M. MacRaild . Studying History , 4th ed. ( London : Palgrave , 2017 ). Brettler , Marc Zvi . The Creation of

Anders Klostergaard Petersen

, encompassing the entire Mediterranean region, great parts of North Africa, the Balkans and the Northern part of the Black Sea area as well as the Parthian kingdom, Bactria and India. 30 Hellenistic finds, however, in a geographically huge area do not necessarily imply Hellenistic suffusion. The finds merely

Hindy Najman and Tobias Reinhardt

your years: thus it must be.” She would be right, I think, to bring her charge, right to upbraid and reproach. For the old order always passes, thrust out by the new, and one thing has to be made afresh from others; but no one is delivered into the pit of black Tartarus: matter is wanted, that coming

Steve Mason

Aurora Salvatierra Ossorio , eds. Tosefta , vol. 3: Nashim (Estella [Navarra]: Verbo Divino , 2001 ). Schechter , Solomon . Some Aspects of Rabbinic Theology ( London : Black , 1909 ). Scott , Michael . Delphi: A History of the Center of the World ( Princeton : Princeton University