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the final volume of the Facsimile Edition: but it may be doubted whether any photographic facsimile could adequately report the readings of the manuscript.Black inklike marks in a facsimile edition of this kind of course almost always represent ink still to be seen on the papyrus. But they can

two forms of ϭ. Ligature is used. The height and compactness of the script varies from passage to passage. 10 lines = ca. 77 mm. Black ink was used throughout.

Christian H. Bull

been taken from the Physica of Hermes, and is likely both the title of a book and the name of the revealer of this book, as we shall see. The art “chemeia” (χηµεία) has been explained etymologically from the Egyptian root km , meaning “black,” and could be a reference to the “black land” of Egypt

Margarita Simon Guillory

in hoodoo known as magnetic drawing—a process that draws the desire of the petitioner through the creation of a field of attraction. The lodestone, for instance, is a magnetite (black iron oxide) that attracts an iron alloy like steel dust. Mason’s ritual stack utilizes these two objects in

Sarah Iles Johnston

of limbs, and something moved and lifted up what might have been an arm. And again in his Novel of the Black Seal (1895), in which decipherment of the cryptic, cuneiform-like language on an artifact found at the site of Babylon, leads an ‘authority on ethnology whose one thought was for

Matthew J. Dillon

to understand these eruptions of unconscious content, Jung developed a technique he called “active imagination.” 42 He would sit in a chair, eyes closed, and let his mind produce fantasies without interference. His experiments and dreams were recorded in narrative form in The Black Books and later

Wouter J. Hanegraaff

gangsters but reveal their real shapes to those who have the vision to see them. Behind them are sinister forces, notably a black magician named Benny Solomon and an organization that calls itself The Temple. Eventually, we learn that this is a group of naïve but determined Evangelicals who are convinced

Nicholas Marshall

reliability of our sources, especially the anti-heretical writings of Irenaeus and Tertullian. Adamson also adds an interesting ethical point about the indirect role scholars play in the creation and maintenance of the antiquities black-market. Rasimus’s chapter tries to extract the maximum amount of

Jeffrey J. Kripal

around people. She felt that the specific colors meant something, but she could never figure out what exactly. Except for black auras. That she knew, since in 1992 she saw a black aura around a close family male relative whom she happened to pull up beside on the road. He was dead within hours. He died

Gregory Shaw

; 1888, i , 411–424, speaks of “the reflection of the first in the dark waters, showing the black reflection of the white light. . . .” In the language of the Neoplatonists, Demon est Deus Inversus , points to the sublunary demiurge, Dionysus-Hades, as the inverted reflection of the super