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Zachary J. Braiterman

such image, Leaman cites Chekhov’s short story “The Black Monk.” The apparitional figure of a black monk visits the unhappy and delusional young philosophy student who is the story’s protagonist. The monk explains, “I exist in your imagination, and your imagination is part of nature, consequently, I

Kalman P. Bland

gods are snub-nosed and black, the Thracians that theirs have light-blue eyes and red hair”; along similar lines, he also taught that “if cattle and horses and lions had hands and do the work that men can do, horses would draw the forms of their gods like horses, and cattle like cattle, and they would

Antipas L. Harris

1 Introduction American Pentecostalism emerged from the symphony of believers who united under the banner of holiness at the 1906 Azusa Street Revival. The early Pentecostal movement drew public attention because of its positive impact on race relations. Initially, blacks and whites worshipped

Robert Smith

Reviews / International Journal of Public Th eology 1 (2007) 127–143 129 Anthony G. Reddie, Black Th eology in Transatlantic Dialogue (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006), pp. xiii + 203, £37.99, ISBN 1-4039-6863-2 (hbk). Th e history of peoples of African origin in Britain and North America

Natasha Pyne

Book Reviews / International Journal of Public Th eology 2 (2008) 379–394 383 Alistair Kee, Th e Rise and Demise of Black Th eology (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006), pp. vii + 228, £45.00, ISBN 0-7546-3256-3 (pbk). In Th e Rise and Demise of Black Th eology , Alistair Kee claims that African American

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

Book Reviews / International Journal of Public Theology 4 (2010) 373–381 377 Dwight N. Hopkins, ed., Black Faith and Public Talk: Critical Essays on James H. Cone’s Black Theology and Black Power (Waco: Baylor University Press, 2007), pp. ix + 262, $24.95(USD), ISBN 978-1-60258-013-8 (pbk). The

Jason K. Chambers

sparked a liberation movement. Today, South Africa is on the path toward racial reconciliation with black and white churches providing a lead role. Much of the Pentecostalism practiced in Africa actually developed independently of Western Pentecostal traditions from a mix of old and new African worship

Samuel Lee

1 Introduction In recent years, American Christianity has been fraught with tensions around how to engage with social and racial injustices. In light of the emergence of groups like the Black Lives Matter movement, Christians—especially evangelicals—have struggled in determining what is the

Clive Pearson

points on the theological spectrum that were long regarded as not being particularly interested in the public sphere are finding voice. The work of Antipas Harris signifies this broadening in a couple of ways. His writing emerges out of the Black American experience which is mediated through a

Stephen B. Roberts

and influence. The hard hitting portrayal of life in Black America is itself described by Carey Walsh as ‘prophetic realism’ in which rappers ‘offer what the biblical prophets had—namely, social critique and moral outrage by asserting God’s presence in the mix of concrete daily life’. 14 Tupac Shakur