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What Is War?

An Investigation in the Wake of 9/11


Edited by Mary Ellen O'Connell

International law has lacked a widely-accepted definition of armed conflict despite the essential human rights and other rules that depend on such a definition. During armed conflict, government forces have “combatant immunity” to kill without warning. They may detain enemy forces until the end of the conflict without the requirement to provide a speedy and fair trial. Governments may have asylum obligations or neutrality obligations based on the existence of armed conflict. To fill this gap in our knowledge of the law, the International Law Association's Committee on the Use of Force produced a report on the meaning of armed conflict. This book contains the report and papers delivered at an inter-disciplinary conference designed to inform the committee from a variety of perspectives.

E.T. Phoned Home…They Know

The Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties in the Context of Foreign Surveillance

Holly Huxtable

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Human Rights and Climate Change

Protecting the Right to Life of Individuals of Present and Future Generations

Julie H. Albers

characteristic of a human-made legal system. 76 Besides, perhaps the anthropocentric nature of human rights is not black-or-white, but more a matter of degree and could function complementarily. Even if there is a growing perception that the existence of primarily our lives is threatened through the

David Fisher

administrative barriers. In contrast, many existing multilateral disaster treaties are more prescriptive. 25 For instance, the Kyoto Convention, Tampere Convention, and the regional disaster treaties for the Americas, Black Sea, Caribbean, Middle East and Southeast Asia 26 (among others) all

Monika Mayrhofer

concept was introduced by Kimberlé Crenshaw who argued that black women are located at the intersection of racism and sexism and that their experience were influenced by both factors and could not be reduced to either of them. Crenshaw argued that the single-axis framework apparent in anti

Implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in the osce

The Power of Middle Management Norms in the Policy Process

Ana Lukatela

unpacked the black box of policy in international organizations has shown that policy adoption and policy implementation are not linear processes. Rather while policy adoption in international organizations is influenced by the diffusion of world polity values that are perpetuated through non

Caecilia J. van Peski

building large military bases across the boundary line with Georgia. Black spiders Georgia, August 9, 2008. Russian-built Su-25 gunship helicopters circle the airspace above the city of Gori. A group of children sits by the playground looking up at the sky. One summer earlier, black spiders were also

Jan Marinus Wiersma

dysfunctional. Where did it all go wrong? Why has Russia reneged on its commitments? How probable is it that it will return to respecting them ? The Black Hole In recent times, famous articles from the last thirty years or so have been regularly referred to in order to shine light on the current

Matthew Rojansky

Russia and Ukraine, also empowers black marketeers and blockade runners, who can make enormous profits trafficking in everything from cigarettes and medicine, to weapons. Since the fall of 2014, the only formal framework for managing and resolving the Donbass conflict has been the Minsk Agreements