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Das Drama der ablaufenden Frist

Zur Genealogie von Schuld und Schulden im europäischen Bühnenmelodram

Stefanie Retzlaff

. 44 Seinen ersten großen Erfolg landete Jerrold 1829 mit dem Stück Black-Eyed Susan, or all in the Downs , einem ‚nautischen Melodrama‘, das nicht nur in den kleinen Theatern nahe der Hafenareale gefeiert wurde, sondern bald auch im Covent Garden Theatre reüssierte. 45 Allein im Jahr 1829


The Poetic terrain vague of Roy Fisher’s A Furnace

André Otto

re-visited European modernism and the (historical) avant-garde through the prism of mid-century American poetry, in particular the Black Mountain poets to which he had been introduced by fellow poet Gael Turnbull. This is where the Bloodaxe blurb’s focus on the scattered and discontinuous nature of

Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit

Gertrude Steins Laborexperimente und ihre literarischen Folgen

Ulla Haselstein

Psychology (wie Anm. 10), I, S. 245. 71 Stein, „A Transatlantic Interview 1946“, in: A Primer for the Gradual Understanding of Gertrude Stein , hg. von Robert Bartlett Haas, Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1971, S. 11–35, hier S. 15. 72 Roger Fry, Cézanne. A Study of His Development (1927), Chicago

Anke te Heesen

auf Presidential Libraries ; vgl. auch den informativen Überblick bei Sharpless (2006) sowie Seldon (1996), der das „elite interviewing“ als „the black sheep among the contemporary historian’s sources“ bezeichnet (S. 353); überblickend zur amerikanischen Oral History und ihrer Entwicklung Dunaway

Leadership, credibility and persuasion

A view from three public policy discourses

Iga Lehman, Łukasz Sułkowski and Piotr Cap

-)immigration discourse. Charteris-Black (2005) presents evidence that metaphors construing UK as a container reflect and reinforce an underlying cognitive arrangement, that is perception of Britain as an island. In an attempt to explain where exactly the rhetorical powers of the container metaphor lie and how they

Russophobia in DotA 2

A critical discursive analysis of online discrimination

Albin Wagener

, communautés de sens, doxa , idéologie. In J. Guilhaumou & P. Schepens (eds.), Matériaux philosophiques pour l’ analyse du discours , 139–174. Besançon: Presses Universitaires de Franche-Comté. Thorne, Steven, Rebecca Black & Julie Sykes. 2009. Second language use, socialization and learning in Internet

The affordances and constraints of situation and genre

Visual and multimodal rhetoric in unusual traffic signs

Charles Forceville and Jens E. Kjeldsen

consisting of a red triangle with a white or yellow background and a (partly) black silhouette inside is a sign that warns against possible dangers (figure 1). Prohibitive signs are round, with a red border, a white background, and a silhouette inside, and sometimes a red or black diagonal across the

Siaw-Fong Chung

apparent when inspecting metaphorical lexis alone. Th ere have been studies, such as Chung ( 2008 ), Deignan ( 2006 ), and Charteris-Black (2004), which proposed the need to add elements to the Conceptual Metaphor Th eory. Chung’s study suggested that syntactic patterns should be incorporated into Lakoff

Yan Huang

generation and interpretation of speech acts, and the production and comprehension of discourse structure and coherence relations have figured prominently in computational pragmatics (e.g. Bunt and Black, 2000; Hobbs, 2004; Jurafsky, 2004). Note next that computational pragmatics is different from

Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan

true demonstrative to have a referent other than Hasan’s mother only if the reporter shares some extra piece of contextual information with the audience. If, for instance, he first says “I saw Reza today wearing black” and then utters (19), the audience will take ‘-Ɂæš’ to be referring to Reza’s mother