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A Changing World of Words

Studies in English Historical Lexicography, Lexicology and Semantics


Edited by Javier E. Díaz Vera

Wes Raykowski

visual expressions. Whenever colors are applied to a canvas, two important aspects are always fully present: the intensity of a color and its area. Note that it is not possible to express or see colors that have no intensity; such colors would appear to the eye as blackness. It is also impossible to

Swearing: Language for Feeling

Lessons from Tourette Syndrome

Shlomit Ritz Finkelstein, Rob Poh and Jorge L. Juncos

violates the norms of culture, and it is always in a manner relevant to the specific situation: Black people evoke “nigger,” fat women evoke “you are so fucking fat,” a gay friend evokes, “want to suck your dick,” and large breasts evoke “you got big tits.” Dylan too demonstrates great sensitivity to the

Esther Serwaah Afreh

1 Introduction For the past decade or two, scholars from different research backgrounds have extensively studied the effects of metaphorical language especially on political persuasion (e.g., Charteris-Black, 2006; Mio, 1997; Musolff, 2014; Boeynaemset al., 2017 and Brugman et al., 2017

Esra’ M. Abdelzaher

mainly explored verbal violence: hate speech. For instance, Kwok and Wang (2013) explored racist speech against black Americans on Twitter, using a Bag-Of-Words model ( bow ). bow is a common method in computational distributional semantics which is used to represent meaning and to check the similarity

Wes Raykowski

nothing ; rather, it represents the absence of content in a vessel that is very much concrete and distinct. This situation is not unique to containers with liquids. For example, it is impossible to detect blackness (i.e., the zero level of light intensity) without a light sensor; thus, black is not a

Liulin Zhang

Ling. I every now and then will fight Jia Ling ‘I fight with Jia Ling every now and then.’ With the reflexive pronoun 自己 ziji ‘self’ in the transitive construction, subtype 3 represents reflexive lability. (15) a. 我 就在  院里 黑处     藏 着。 Wo jiuzai yuan-li heichu   cang -zhe. I   just at yard-in black

Patrick Duffley

or the presence in a ground of a yet unknown specific entity: (47a) There emerged from the cocoon a beautiful black and red butterfly. (47b) *There didn’t emerge from the cocoon a beautiful black and red butterfly. (48a) There were singing in the alley below a hearty group of carolers undaunted