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Kaloterakis, Konstantopoulos, Filiotou, Bossinakou, Hadziyannis and Rombos

, namely, one black female from Jamaica [1], two black males from the USA [2, 3] and one male from India [4]. Analogous cases are not reported from the Mediterranean countries or from Africa where SCS have a high prevalence. We describe six Greek SCS patients who developed MM. To the best of our knowl

Janusz Komender and Małgorzata Lewandowska-Szumieł

. Barbosa, Corrosion of metallic implants, in: Handbook of Biomaterials Properties , J. Black and G. Hastings (Eds), pp. 420 – 463. Chapman & Hall, London (1998). 4. Total hip replacement, NIH Consensus Statement 12 , 1 – 31 (1994). 5. M. Lewandowska-Szumieł and J. Komender, Aluminium release as a new

S. L. Choubisa, S. Khare and D. K. Choubisa

subjects of a tribal population are mostly illiterate, economically very poor and reside in isolated hilly areas. Their physiognomy is characterised by short stature, dark skin, coarse black hair and a flat nose. Their staple diet is maize and grain and they live mainly by agricultural labour. The subjects

D. Hiwase, S. Venugopal, D. Muirhead, K. Ghosh and U. Khanduri

.4 g / dl, TLC 6 . 8 × 10 9 / l, platelet 368 × 10 9 / l Peripheral smear showed normochromic normocytic anaemia with 57% blasts and 2 . 2 × 10 9 / l monocytes. It was noted that 18 – 25% of the blasts had giant pink inclusions (4 – 5 µ m) in the cytoplasm (Fig. 1). A Sudan black stain done on this

Akira Tsukada, Weiming Lu, Kazuo Sasaki and Takemasa Shiraishi

tendons (black). Each soft tissue was assumed to be linear, elastic and isotropic, while the radius and ulna were assumed to be inŽ nitely stiff. The diameter of the wrist is assumed to be 60 mm. We also assumed that the displacement of T a , T b , T c , T d and T e was in each case small and negligible

Krisztina Németh, József Furész, Endre Adorjáni, Csongor Cseko, Susan Lakatos and Helga Bielik

the difference between the enzyme amounts released by consecutive stimuli and the single stimulus are represented by the black bars. Concentrations of the Ž rst fMLP stimuli are indicated on the abscissa. Data are expressed as a percentage of the total enzyme GLU content and are the mean § SEM of 17

Koh, Ohta, Yamane, Kuwajima, Takubo, Kumura, Nakamae, Hino, Tatsumi, Kanashima, Kamitani, Aoyama and Ohta

patients, 29 : 9 § 44 : 5 U/ml Urinary trypsin inhibitor levels 269 Figure 1. UTI levels in the urine from patients with various haematological malignancies and healthy adult volunteers. Black circles in each lane indicate individual UTI levels in the haematological malignancy groups; and white circles

Ryuhei Okuno, Takayoshi Hosono and Kenzo Akazawa

.42 s (a) and 13.44 s (b) after the beginning of electrical stimulations. The time interval between the images (a and b) was exact 17 ms. Insets (a and b). Each black and white box with a character of A– I indicates each sarcomere. (c) Changes in sarcomere lengths and tensions. Dots with vertical bars

Miya Ishihara, Yuji Morimoto, Shunichi Sato, Makoto Kikuchi, Tsunenori Arai and Minoru Obara

constant 175 18. S. Nettesheim and R. Zenobi, Pulsed laser heating of surfaces: nanosecond time scale tempera- ture measurement using black body radiation, Chem. Phys. Lett. 255 , 39– 44 (1996). 19. T. Loarer, J. J. Greffet and M. H. Aubert, Noncontact surface temperature measurement by means of a

Magócsi, Gáti, Brózik, Apáti, Nahajevszky and Kolonics

25 ng/ ml GM-CSF or 5 U /ml hrEpo for 15 or 60 min. Total cell or nuclear extracts were prepared as described below. Morphology analysis of myelodysplastic and leukemic cells Smears of bone marrow cells were stained with Wright-Giemsa, periodic acid – Schiff, myeloperoxidase, Sudan black B, naphthol