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The “Light of Light Beyond Light”

Derrida’s “Question” and the Meta-ontological Origins of Philosophy and Violence

Carl Raschke

light”. And, he points out, “the heart of light is black, as has often been noticed.” 13 How can we, therefore, transpose philosophy into a different (non-Greek) register that accounts for this curious “black light” that backlights the entirety of the philosophical tradition in a manner which

Zachary J. Braiterman

such image, Leaman cites Chekhov’s short story “The Black Monk.” The apparitional figure of a black monk visits the unhappy and delusional young philosophy student who is the story’s protagonist. The monk explains, “I exist in your imagination, and your imagination is part of nature, consequently, I

From the Unconditioned to Unconditional Claims

Violence, Radical Theology, and Crisis

Jason W. Alvis and Jeffrey W. Robbins

theology in times of war, nihilism, and political exile. The unconditioned ground of being is like a foreboding black hole, with holiness fluctuating between the demonic and the divine. Were it not for Tillich – who followed the traces left by German Idealism – the topic likely would have remained in the

Kalman P. Bland

gods are snub-nosed and black, the Thracians that theirs have light-blue eyes and red hair”; along similar lines, he also taught that “if cattle and horses and lions had hands and do the work that men can do, horses would draw the forms of their gods like horses, and cattle like cattle, and they would

Unconditional Responsibility in the Face of Disastrous Violence

Thoughts on religio and the History of Human Mortality

Burkhard Liebsch

violence and not the oft-quoted decentring within the cosmos which supposedly inflicted upon mankind its worst narcissistic insult. Is not man left robbed even of his species underneath a black, empty heaven? Does not disaster show precisely how violence stops at nothing and never actually had to? 35 Does

Anastasia E. Somerville-Wong

challenging core aspects of the faith itself ( ). 55 The redefining of this term takes its inspiration from liberation theology, which arose in Latin America and influenced later movements such as Black theology. It also takes inspiration from Christian Socialism and

Menno R. Kamminga

creeds, but the world economy is too complex to be assessed in “black-and-white” terms ( Preston 1988 , 283). Methodologically, theology must respect the “proper autonomy” of the sciences (282); substantively, economics cannot offer the required, reliable empirical-economic analysis due to differences of

Paul Fenton

Semitic practice which are analogous to Jewish rituals associated with the festival of SukkOt. Circumambulation around the Ka'ba, or Black Stone, predates Islam and was already practiced as a religious ceremonial by the pagan Arabs. 16 According to Qu'dn II, passages in the Jerusalem Talmud and Midras

Emmanuel Falque

Translator Sarah Horton

‘insane asylum’ [ asile de fous ], had not the preceding century, the sixteenth, unbridled madness, as it were, because of the consequences of the black plague in the fourteenth century and the wars of religion in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Concerning this, let it suffice to consult the

Double Hospitality

Between Word and Touch

Richard Kearney

circumstances of an encounter with a person who not too long ago used these same hands, this same voice, to authorize and initiate unspeakable acts of malice against (black) people very much like myself.” 20 This was no cheap grace, no act of facile sentiment. If anything the strange unpredictable moment