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J.L. Black

, b u t t h e c o l l e c t i o n w a s n o t i n t e n d e d as a s u r v e y o f t h e p e r i o d . All in all, it serves i t s e x p r e s s e d p u r p o s e s v e r y well. J. L. Black Carleton University E l e a n o r R o w e . H a m l e t : A W i n d o w o n R u s s i a ( N e w Y o r k U n i v

Clayton Black

CLAYTON BLACK (Chestertown, MD, USA) LEGITIMACY, SUCCESSION, AND THE CONCENTRATION OF IND USTRY: TROTSKY AND THE CRISES OF 1923 RE-EXAMINED In the first half of the New Economic Policy (NEP), 1923 stands out as a year of intense political and economic crises. Nikolai Vladimirov-Vol'skii, an

Regionalism or Clientelism?

Explaining the Zinoviev-Leningrad Opposition of 1925

Clayton Black

Rabochie i “diktatura proletariata,” 39–172. 25 Vikhrov, “Kommunisticheskii lider G.E. Zinov’ev,” 126–127. 26 Vikhrov, “Kommunisticheskii lider G.E. Zinov’ev,” 128. 27 T. Clayton Black, “Manufacturing Communists: Krasnyi Putilovets and the Politics of Soviet Industrialization, 1923–1932” (Ph.D. diss

Dragi Mihailovski and Michacel Black

-sprayer blocks the way to the little park. Kneeling under the monster, I look out for the black and white figure of the pharmacist. He's tiny. In the gloom there's just a white shirt moving. Five minutes later I go back up to the sixth floor, holding the folder. At half past eight I'm on the third floor again


ALAN W. FISHER Muscovy a n d the Black Sea Slave Trade Historians have looked u p o n the sixteenth and seventeenth century Crimean Tatar raids into Poland and south Russia as having primarily military purposes which were merely extensions o f O t t o m a n Turkish expansion into European

John E. Bowlt

Ziolkowski Miami University Waltraud Werner. 1884 Wassili Masjutin 1955. Ein russischer Künstler 1922-1955 in Berlin. Preface by Fritz Mierau. Berlin: Verlag Willmuth Arenhövel, 2003. 168 pp. Black and white and color illustrations. In spite of the abundant literature and exhibitions devoted to twentieth

Gordana Mihailova Bošnakoska and Michael Black

looking amazed, it's like this, something which we imagine, houses don't last, only carpets are forever. Translated by Michael Black

David M. Goldfrank

DAVID M. GOLDFRANK (Washington, DC, USA) NIL SORSKII AND NIKON OF THE BLACK MOUNTAIN* A half century of scholarship has indicated the need for a general reevaluation of Nil Sorskii's role in the ecclesiastical life of his Russia. In the light of Iosif Volotsky's claim to speak for the hermitage

Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 2

Shifts in the Balance of Power, 1800-1853

• Number of titles: 120
• Languages used: Western languages, German, French, English
• Title list available
• MARC records available
Location of originals: National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg

This collection includes discussions of diplomatic treaties like those of Bucharest of 1812 and Adrianople (Edirne) of 1829; the commercial and military issue of access to the Black Sea; eye-witness accounts from war theaters; and plans for, and ideas about, future confrontations. The fact that many different perspectives are represented in this collection makes it extra attractive.