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Arthur Cooper

Edited by Imre Galambos

J …) ‘gònghézhǔyì’, ‘republicanism’; 西洋主義 (88 D  – 44 …) ‘xīyángzhǔyì’, ‘Westernism’. ‘Communism’ is 共產主義 (114 E  – 235 D …) (235 D ) 產 produce ‘gòngchǎnzhǔyì’, in which 產 (235 D ) ‘chǎn’ means ‘to bear offspring’ (it occurs for instance in the word for ‘obstetrics’); thence ‘to produce goods

Gabriele de Seta

closed down over the last century. (xiii) The link between Yuk Hui’s cosmotechnical pluralism and China is established through a musing plucked out of Heidegger’s infamous Black Notebooks , which also serves as one of the book’s epigraphs: ‘If communism in China should come to rule, then one can

Saskia Schäfer

. Another illustration of the way in which controversial categories are lumped together is the Facebook group ‘Indonesia Anti Syiah Dan Komunis’ (Indonesia against Shi’a and Communism), which combines opposition to Shi’a Islam with opposition to communism, which has been depicted as the greatest danger to

Learning to Labour 2.0

How Macau Internet Users Become Immaterial and Affective Labourers

Lin Zhongxuan

itself,’ which presents ‘the potential for a kind of spontaneous and elementary communism’ (Hardt & Negri 2000 : 294). The case of digital labour in Macau, however, not only resonates with an emphasis on the collective dimension of digital labour, but also calls attention to the individual experiences

Digital China

From Cultural Presence to Innovative Nation

Michael Keane and Ying Chen

familiar concept in literature and politics: in the language of the Great Proletarian Revolution, communism would release people from their hard labour. The current political version called the Chinese Dream promises not a land of plenty, but national revitalization; it projects forward to 2049, when China

Dal Yong Jin

Industry of Korea’ . Korean Journal of Journalism and Communication Studies , 54 ( 1 ), 107 - 127 . Hands , Joss ( 2013 ), ‘Platform Communism’ . Culture Machine , 14 , 1 - 24 . Helmond , Anne ( 2015 , online first ), ‘The Platformization of the Web: Making Web Data Platform

Jinying Li

ka (Ecosystems of Architecture: How Do Information Environments Come to Be Planned?) . Tokyo : NTT shuppan . Hands , Joss ( 2013a ), ‘Introduction: Politics, Power and ‘Platformativity” ’ . Culture Machine , 14 , 1 - 9 . Hands , Joss ( 2013b ), ‘Platform Communism


Paul Bevan

of Communism Through Communist Jokes (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2008), p. 85. 31 See for example Xinhua ribao (1 March 1938) and (3 March 1938): both on the front cover. 32 See “Local Ban on ‘Vanity Fair’,” in the North-China Herald (14 August 1935): p. 264 and Louis Lozowick, William