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Ineke Sluiter

" (p. 10). The introduction of communism is no more than a "device for throwing light on the behavior of the dimos since it brings out the worst and the best in them" (p. 11). The problems of human conduct involved are timeless and communism is a vehi- cle for dramatic expression. R. proceeds to

Naomi Scott

fulfilment of sexual pleasure (and indeed in both Lysistrata , in which the women’s initial complaint is that the absence of their husbands in war is leading to a lack of sex; and in the Ecclesiazusae , where the women institute a kind of sexual communism, the fulfilment of female sexual desire is one of

A.G. De Man, J.H. Thiel, K. Sprey, F.L.R. Sassen, J.H. Jongkees and J.H. Waszink

he is not (unconsciously) inclined to measure it too much by the standard of modern tyrannies. It is my personal conviction that in comparison with fascism, nazism and communism the Roman principate was a garden of Eden, as far as loss of liberty was concerned, that the emperor Tiberius was quite

Robert D. Brown

German barbarism in their aggressiveness, nomadism, communism, diet of milk and meat, austerity, endurance, and undisciplined way of life. A similar picture is developed, with reference to the Germans in general, in Book Six, which makes it clear that the depiction of the Suebi in Book Four contains

W.J. Verdenius, K. Van Der Heyde, M.H.A.L.H. Van Der Valk, w. J. W. Koster, J.H. Waszink, Modestus Van Straaten, E.J. Jonkers, W. Den Boer, A.G. Roos, J.H. Thiel, H.J. Drossaart Lulofs, H. Bolkestein, E.J. Jonkers, C.J. De Vogel and J.J.M. Feldbrugge

feasible to dismiss communism as something pre- historic, and so the subject has become taboo" (p. 301). If the problem has to be debated on this level, it is wiser to give up the attempt from the start. The work consists of five parts, each of which is divided into three or four chapters. The first one