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Clive R. Symmons

this isolationist period has begun. 14 Since the overthrow of communism, Albania has already attempted to make up for lost time in terms of maritime law obligations. Thus, for example, in 1991 1 it was a signatory (together with Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia and the Commission of the European Community) to

Zou Keyuan

situation in the Taiwan Strait was rather intense. The communist regime in the mainland pledged to "liberate" Taiwan. In order to deter the expansion of communism from mainland China to Taiwan and Southeast Asia, the United States was determined to protect Taiwan from being occupied by the PRC. It sent the

Robin Churchill

the collapse of Communism at the beginning of the 1990s, instances of States refusing to deal with the EU on political grounds have been rare and sporadic. Conversely, the EU has occasionally refused to deal with third States to make a political point. For example, the EU suspended its fisheries

Gerard J. Mangone

. But then again the market does not always work for the public good. Under the influence of the doctrines of communism and democratic socialism in the 20th century, the attitude of governments toward private property has sharply shifted the balance between the power of the state and individual

Awni Behnam

camps in a divided world. Communism, socialism, and capitalism were vying for dominance in an atmosphere of cold war and neglect for human rights. Elisabeth was above all a humanist whose socialism was engaged in support of those least able to defend themselves against human failing, and that included

George V. Galdorisi

, the national security and national military strategies of the United States were simple and straightforward-the United States was the leader of the free-world coalition designed to contain worldwide communism. The breaking away of the Soviet Union's satellites and the complete implosion of the Soviet

Andre Gerolymatos

believed that the restora- tion of the islands to Greece would be of tremendous help to the Greek government in order for it to resist the threat of communism.'2 However, at the Council of Foreign Ministers of the four major powers (United States, Britain, the Soviet Union, and France) that took place in

Joseph R. Morgan

peninsula half a world away would have been meaningless and unenforceable. With control of the seas the decision was sound and reasonable."10 5 IS ANOTHER KOREAN WAR POSSIBLE? A Scenario There are hopeful signs that ideological struggles between countries es- pousing communism and those following a free

Falk Huettmann

sustainability goals. It has already been suggested that the breakdown of Russian Communism and the State was due to environmental problems and unsustainable management of the country's vast resources.71 It is not obvious that Russia is currently trying to overcome these problems in order to reach these goals