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Carter Vaughn Findley

of spreading democracy as opposed to Communism. In the early 1950s, social scientists and historians interested in the Middle East began to focus on Turkey and look for explanations of the contrast between Turkey’s democratizing trend and the wave of Arab “socialism” that seemed to be sweeping the


Carter Vaughn Findley

awaiting new occasions. At a time when accusations of “Jacobinism” flew about as easily as accusations of “Communism” did in the 1950s, it is not surprising that the Austrian envoy became the ringleader of the anti-Mouradgea campaign. Not only was he a servant of the Austrian emperor Franz II (r. 1792

Hans Renders

hue. Communism remains the exception. You couldn’t campaign strongly enough against that. The communists had played an important part in resisting the German occupying forces, admittedly, but Mandril was just as anti-communist as the newspaper Het Parool , which had its origins in the Resistance

Frederike Doppenberg

in the famous eleven-city skating race. A book about popular values, traditions and family ties. Concern- ing Marxism and Communism there is little or nothing present in this book. 25 Many writers who were published by De Arbeiderspers during the occupation had already been published by them before

Salma Chen and Sjoerd van Faassen

published and which included a poem entitled ‘Harmageddon’, an attack on both National Socialism and Communism, Stols had snarled at him in January 1943: ‘I no longer feel it incumbent upon me to keep the remaining copies of Bilzenkruid hidden from the Sicherheitspolizei , nor indeed your address, as I have

Hendrik Edelman

had acquired. Catalog 231 on socialism, communism and labor questions was issued in 1892; catalog 236 on the Dutch colonial possessions in the East and West-Indies followed in 1893 and the chronological catalog of Bodoni imprints (cat. 242) of the same year was followed by several others, culminating