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Nicholas Mirzoeff

This article explores what Grace Lee Boggs called {r}evolution—the horizontal construction of autonomous power from below by multiple subjects—in the context of anthropogenic climate change. This is a decolonial uprising from Haiti to Detroit against petrocracy, or the mutually reinforcing rule of fossil fuels and monotheism. I pursue a decolonial reading of the Holocene/Anthropocene geological epochs through an anarchaeological, visual, and discourse analysis of the excavations at Tell-es-Sultan, asserted to be the site of the biblical Jericho, to reconsider the “human.” The article interacts present-day, on-site conditions at the Palestinian refugee camp ‘Ein-as-Sultan with Kathleen Kenyon’s famous excavations (1952–1958), her discoveries and the museology associated with them, and the geopolitical and religious claims made for the site. I conclude by analyzing how “Detroit” is becoming the floating name for the non-continuous spaces of the displaced world, where displacement, drought, and counterinsurgency intermingle to deadly effect.


Dave Vliegenthart

available—often via immediate experience. 100 Significant for this discursive approach is the socially constructed nature of our (knowledge about) reality. “Discourse analysis, from the perspective of the sociology of knowledge, aims at reconstructing the processes of social construction, objectification

Peter X Feng

variety of transnational and diasporic approaches to media: Tony Tran offers both nationalist and diasporic readings of Owl and the Sparrow (2007) and The Rebel (2007); David C. Oh performs discourse analysis on KoreAm Journal ; Shilpa Davé analyzes the vocal performativity of transnational call


Mariangela Palladino

context of discourse analysis; I will then move on to theories and examples of ethical narrative; and will conclude by looking at “narrative ethics”, its definition and articulation. Pragmatics: Ethics and Discourse In order to investigate the different ways in which the ethical is inscribed in narrative


Mariangela Palladino

new grounds in body studies, but it also openly engages with other critical approaches: the reference to propositions and statements plainly calls into questions philosophy of language, pragmatics and discourse analysis. As my analysis aims to demonstrate, Morrison’s literary representations of the

James Stanlaw

thought to be. Th ese days, those people have often been replaced by self-proclaimed American otaku who are quite disappointed when you cannot recall the name of Sailor Moon’s cat off the top of your head, even though your class might be on Japanese history or discourse analysis. Japanese popular culture

Which Mirror Is ‘Truer’?

Portrayal of the Vietnam War in Apocalypse Now and Cánh Đồng Hoang

Nguyet Nguyen

Hue-Tam Ho Tai. Berkeley : University of California Press Berkeley , 2001 . Brookes Heather . “ Suit, Tie and a Touch of Juju - the Ideological Construction of Africa: A Critical Discourse Analysis of News on Africa in the British Press .” Discourse & Society 6 , no. 4 ( 1995 ): 461 – 94