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Ina B. McCabe

the construction of identities in chapter two. This observation is not a reproach, as few critics of Saïd have done away with representation or with the discourse analysis Saïd adopted from Michel Foucault. One can safely say that Saïd has done more for popularizing Saussure’s ideas on representation

Selim Sirri Kuru

’s discourse analysis to chart the dis- cursive sexualities prevalent during a period of more than four hundred years under the Ottomans. Out of the various paths of study opened up by sexual scripting theory, and the examination of discursive expressions of Journal of the Economic and Social History of the


heuristic di fŽ culties and dangers of reading subse- quent outcomes into antecedent events. In the end, his book perhaps serves most to raise questions about the methodological status of discourse analysis and the possibilities of writing history in the Ôpost-colonialÕ United States (where it was published

Bruce Routledge

.Ó Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 2:143-148. Biran, A.; and J. Naveh 1995 ÒThe Tel Dan Inscription: A New Fragment.Ó Israel Exploration Journal 45: 1-18. Bodine, W. (ed.) 1995 Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature (Atlanta: Scholars Press). Claremont-Ganneau, Ch. 1875 ÒLa st le de MŽ sha.Ó Revue

the Ôpost-modernistÕ turn in Indian historiography given Ž llip by certain strands of the celebrated Subaltern Studies Collective. Eaton argues that the application of discourse analysis as part of a critique of colonialism has had the unfortunate and perhaps ironical result of exagger- 540 REVIEWS