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Buddhism and Transgression

The Appropriation of Buddhism in the Contemporary West


Adrian Konik

If Buddhism is to remain relevant to the contemporary era, through providing effective solutions to the proliferating and protean discursive problems encountered by its present-day practitioners, it cannot continue to ignore the role of discourse in the formation of subjectivity. In the interest of problematizing such ‘ignorance,’ this book explores the potential interface between Foucaultian discourse analysis and the development of an indigenous rationale for the practice of contemporary Western Buddhism, along with the growing significance of such a rationale for ‘traditional’ Buddhism in an era dominated by disciplinary/bio-power. Through doing so, this book radically re-conceptualizes the role of Buddhism in the world today by linking Buddhist practice with acts of discursive transgression.

Baldassare Scolari

martyr of the state, the nation, the republic was able to emerge and spread quickly. Like Agamben, I understand secularization not as a concept but as a signature. Signature is a terminus technicus of discourse analysis. 39 It broadens the interpretative horizon, making it possible to observe

The “Itako” as Mass Culture

The Occult Boom of the 1970s and 1980s

Haruka Ōmichi

representation. This article fills this gap by exploring the image of the itako as a product of mass culture through a discourse analysis of print media. The purpose of discourse analysis is to extract from discourse the political and authoritarian elements that make up its structure on an unconscious level

Hans Schilderman

bringing to light the interactions of power that guide the communication. One of the methods that provides more justice to the agency perspective is discourse-analysis, which is capable of identifying the interactions in epistemological concern and their underlying patterns of power. In the relevant

Ambassadors of Faith

Young Muslims Negotiating for Agency in the Face of Discursive Government

Teemu Juhani Pauha

and a half hours to four hours. Altogether, I have gathered ca. 24 hours of recorded interview material. 3 Analysing Interviews My analytic process is based on Foucauldian discourse analysis as instructed by Carla Willig. 34 The process aims at identifying how the discursive choices of an

Kim Knibbe

Abstract: The study of religion often relies on qualitative research methods to gather data. This term indicates methods such as interviewing and participant observation, but may also include the analysis of written sources and discourse analysis. The focus is on gaining insight into a particular

Anna-Margaretha Horatschek

Abstract: Alterity has become a central concept especially in ethics (Lévinas), psychoanalysis (Lacan, Kristeva), deconstruction (Derrida), postcolonial (Said, Bhabha, Spivak) and gender studies (Cixous, Irigaray, Butler), discourse analysis (Foucault), and in disciplines methodologically

Ritual Slaughter, Animal Welfare and the Freedom of Religion

A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Fierce Debate in the Dutch Lower House

Sipco Vellenga

ritual slaughter. How can we understand this shift? In order to answer this question, I will carry out a critical discourse analysis. 12 The Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament can be considered as an arena where political parties struggle for power in order to control and influence the government