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Ahmed Fakhri

The field of discourse analysis is very heterogeneous and covers a wide range of language studies not only by linguists, but also by scholars from other disciplines such as sociology, rhetoric, and anthropology. For this reason the term ‘discourse analysis’ has often been assigned a variety of

Bergen, Robert D.

Discourse Analysis or Discourse Linguistics (DL) is the formal discipline that seeks to identify and catalog the hierarchy of language features present within written texts and then to explain coherently the role these features play in individual texts; emphasis is given to the study of supra

Ziv, Yael

Discourse Analysis, the study of stretches of text in context, has been implemented within a wide variety of theoretical and empirical frameworks, concerning a broad range of linguistic and socio-linguistic phenomena. In Modern Hebrew the investigation covers, among other sub-fields, areas as

A Bibliography of South African Languages, 2008-2017

With an Introduction by Menán du Plessis

Edited by Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

This concise bibliography on South-African Languages and Linguistics was compiled on the occasion of the 20th International Congress of Linguists in Cape Town, South Africa, July 2018. The selection of titles is drawn from the Linguistic Bibliography and gives an overview of scholarship on South African language studies over the past 10 years. The introduction written by Menán du Plessis (Stellenbosch University) discusses the most recent developments in the field.
The Linguistic Bibliography is compiled under the editorial management of Eline van der Veken, René Genis and Anne Aarssen in Leiden, The Netherlands.
Linguistic Bibliography Online is the most comprehensive bibliography for scholarship on languages and theoretical linguistics available. Updated monthly with a total of more than 20,000 records annually, it enables users to trace recent publications and provides overviews of older material.
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The e-book version of this bibliography is available in Open Access.


Edited by Kees Versteegh, Mushira Eid, Alaa Elgibali, Manfred Woidich and Andrzej Zaborski

The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics is a major multi-volume reference work. It is a unique collaboration of hundreds of scholars from around the world and covers all relevant aspects of the study of Arabic, dealing with all levels of the language (pre-Classical Arabic, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic vernaculars, mixed varieties of Arabic).

Volume-editor Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

pragmatics 87 Metaphors for learning : cross-cultural perspectives / Ed. by Erich A. Berendt. – Amsterdam : Benjamins, 2008. – ix, 249 p. – (Human cognitive processing. Cognitive foundations of language structure and use ; 22). 4.2. Pragmatics, discourse analysis and text grammar 88 Choice in language

Volume-editor Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

imperfective aspects in Xhosa. – SPILPLUS 52, 2017, 45-72 | E. ab. 4.2. PRAGMATICS, DISCOURSE ANALYSIS AND TEXT GRAMMAR 837 Bagwasi, Mompoloki Mmangaka: Pragmatics of letter writing in Setswana. – JoP 40/3, 2008, 525-536 | Comparing English and Setswana letter writing in Botswana during the protectorate

Volume-editor Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

mental spaces. – (29), 301-318. 109 Meir, Irit: Iconicity and metaphor : constraints on metaphorical extension of iconic forms. – Language 86/4, 2010, 865-896. 4.2. Pragmatics, discourse analysis and text grammar 110 The conversation frame : forms and functions of fictive interaction / Ed. by Esther

Volume-editor Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

constructions). 4.2. PRAGMATICS, DISCOURSE ANALYSIS AND TEXT GRAMMAR 313 Anthonissen, Christine; Meyer, Bernd: Question-answer sequences between doctors and patients in a South African HIV/AIDS day clinic. – SPILPLUS 36, 2008, 1-34. 314 Conradie, C. Jac: Die gebruik van Afrikaanse modale partikels deur

Volume-editor Anne Aarssen, René Genis and Eline van der Veken

from multiple WH-questions. – SLLing 14/1, 2011, 9-48. 4.2. Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis and Text Grammar 503 Beal-Alvarez, Jennifer S.; Trussell, Jessica W.: Depicting verbs and constructed action : necessary narrative components in deaf adults’ storybook renditions. – SLStud 16/1, 2015, 5