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Are Africans Incurably Religious?

Discourse Analysis of a Debate, Direction of a Discipline

Frans Wijsen

-depth, summarizing the arguments and evidence for the various positions. I continue with a critical discourse analysis of the debate in three stages: the analysis of the formal features of the texts; the analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of the texts; and the analysis of conditions and

“Heaven and Earth Collide”

Hillsong Music’s Evolving Theological Emphases

Nelson Cowan

monolithic, but over the years has both deepened in doctrinal engagement and widened in doctrinal scope. In an exercise of comparative discourse analysis, this project primarily surveys and examines song lyrics spanning the years 2007 through 2015. 6 Official statements from Hillsong Church, officially

Joop G. Vernooij

of the critical discourse analysis developed by N. Fairclough between 1992 and 1995. In the first chapter of this dissertation Bwangatto exhaustively expounds the philosophical ideas of Rorty concerning conversation. He explains that according to Rorty philosophy is the mirror of nature (1979

Joop G. Vernooij

relation to social cohesion or the absence of social cohesion with a focus on the production of opinions and thoughts of Christians about Muslims and Muslims about Christians. He is interested in Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis and uses this method in particular in Surakarta or Solo, the capital

Joop Vernooij

the elements of mutual understanding and misunderstanding, leading to cohesion or conflict in the actual social, religious, and political context (p. 25). Ndaluka used in his research the critical discourse analysis ( cda ) developed by N. Fairclough, a socio-cognitive approach. He is an adept of

Martha Frederiks and Lucien van Liere

case for researching African religion by means of a variety of methods. A rebuttal by Platform and Van Rinsum was published in Exchange a few years later ( Exchange 37/2, 156-173). In his article, Wijsen analyses the discussion between Platvoet, Van Rinsum and Olabimtan by means of a discourse

Solomon Dejene

interrelated with each other. Critical discourse analysis, specifically as it is worked out by Norman Fari- clough, is used as a method to analyze these texts. Texts or more specifically language use has become ever more a significant element of contemporary social practices. 6 A critical view on language use is

Spirited Conversation about Hermeneutics

A Pentecostal Hermeneut’s Response to Craig Keener’s Spirit Hermeneutics

Kenneth J. Archer

New Interpretation: Essays on Discourse Analysis , ed. David Alan Black (Broadman Press, 1992), 17–18. 19 See Keener, Spirit Hermeneutics , 99–100, 245–246 for a succinct definition. The goal is to seek to recognize the implied author’s intentional design of the text. 20 J.P. Louw, “Reading

Swedish Media Representation of the Refugee Crisis

Islam, Conflict and Self-Reflection


Dalia Abdelhady and Gina Fristedt Malmberg

immigration, or any topic for that matter, is simply negative or positive ( Binder and Allen 2015 ). Rather, news coverage provides sites of contestation, where, through discourse analysis, different newspapers are shown to adopt varying perspectives on similar issues ( Chavez 2001 ; Clare and Abdelhady 2016

Islam in Satire

Representations, Taste Cultures, and Liquid Racism


Jonas Otterbeck

. Northampton, Mass .: Olive Branch Press . Weaver , S . ( 2013 ). “A rhetorical Discourse Analysis of Online Anti-Muslim and Anti-Semitic Jokes.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 36 : 3 : 483 – 499 . Weaver , S . ( 2011 ). The Rhetoric of Racist Humour: US, UK and Global Race Joking . Farnham : Ashgate