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Guorong Yang

Editor/translator Paul J. D’Ambrosio, Daniel Sarafinas, Sharon Small, Ady van den Stock and Stefano Gandolfo

I On the level of everyday life, the expression of emotion in the Book of Songs concretely unfolds itself in different aspects: in the first place, it deals with emotions of love, which embody the emotional relationship between men and women. In this regard, the emotions displayed in the Book of

Christopher Cairns

Popular Media, Social Emotion, and Public Discourse in Contemporary China . London & New York: Routledge (2014). 154 pp. isbn : 978-1-315-86724-3. Price: $140. Scholars of censorship in contemporary China are often far too focused on the cat-and-mouse, state-and-society game unfolding on a

Learning to Labour 2.0

How Macau Internet Users Become Immaterial and Affective Labourers

Lin Zhongxuan

; Virno 2004 ). In short, immaterial labour is less about the production of things, particularly the ‘finished product’, and more about and immaterial services, intangible emotions, and communicative actions. It is ultimately about the production of subjectivity – or, better, about the way the production

Growing Up in Mommy’s Blog

Raising Girls’ Voices in China

Annika Pissin

outright subversion, and consequently to think of political change only as regime change, has its limits.’ He furthermore indicates the importance of emotions, identity formation, and sociality for which ‘public spaces and media are natural arenas’ (ibid.: 1046). With regards to blogging youth (not

Chris Goto-Jones

have to admit that was a bit of a shock to the system, and I was lost in a roiling morass of emotions for three whole days, just moping around my bedroom and crying. It wasn’t just that I felt sad, although the sadness was overwhelming, but I also felt so guilty. Wasn’t it my fault that she’d died

Rahul Mukherjee and Abhigyan Singh

generated by these platforms. Affective intensities have a tactile, immediate, and sensory quality and thus encompass a range of sensations beyond emotions (Massumi 2002). When we discuss affect in relation to these platforms, we want to foreground the rush of emotions that North Koreans feel when watching

Milan Ismangil

locally and nationally. The question of what makes a sport the ‘national sport’ is contested as interests and emotions can vary from one sport to another (Ibid.: 19, 167). 3 In China, since the late nineteenth century, the Qing dynasty and its successor states, the Republic of China and the People

Martin Roth

argues that in post-war Japan, not only ‘creativity’ but also consumption has been assimilated into the capitalist logic as a kind of ‘labour’. This includes capitalist exploitation of human emotions shown during consumption, which for Ōtsuka can thus be considered a kind of hidden work. Although the

Florian Schneider

corners of the globe can spur public emotion within China,’ and that this can lead ‘to public crisis that puts pressure on Chinese leaders to respond’ (181). The author recounts four specific cases: attacks on Chinese miners in Ghana in 2013, a 2012 conflict between a Chinese private company and its

Gunwoo Yoon and Patrick T. Vargas

570 Lin Hsin Wang Hua ‘Avatar Creation in Virtual Worlds: Behaviors and Motivations’ Computers in Human Behavior 2014 May 34 213 218 Markus Hazel Rose Kitayama Shinobu ‘Culture and the Self: Implications for Cognition, Emotion, and