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Max Harris, Bruce Edwards, Vamik Volkan and J. Anderson Thomson

with other people, of our features and emotions. Finally, it also involves some sense of our relationship to others, for our identity is constructed, in great part, by identifying and assimilating our differences and similarities with others. 12 For a more complete discussion of psychoanalytical

W. Thomas Molloy

that the team could deliver on its undertakings. The Nisga’a negotiations were difficult and rigorous, but what was said at the table remained there. Emotions expressed within the confines of the negotiation room remained there as well. Negotiations are demanding enough when the stakes are high; they

Mike Whine

changes he might face, the world at large. He is a coward that would not admit his being one ... the Jew is only a pretext 1 Professor Jacob Tour of Tel Aviv University defines it as: a manipulation of traditional emotions against an unreal image, for polit- ical needs. Therefore it is not a genuine

Natan Lerner

considered in an environment of high emotion and moral outrage not conducive to objective appraisal (p. 59). Women are denied various freedoms that men take for granted. Both religion and culture are asserted to justify the subordination of women, expressed in their low economic status, discrimination and

Vamik D. Volkan and Max Harris

maintenance of clear boundaries between "us" and "others" is thus vital both to their individual and ethnic sense of identity. Indeed, the closer the resemblance between neighboring groups, the greater the emotion invested in the identification and maintenance of minor differences (Freud, 1921; Volkan, 1988


law, that minority groups do not exer- cise political power. Another problem that has been of particular importance for the HCNM’s activity is overcoming the mistrust that has grown up historically between eth- nic groups and is characterized by very strong emotions. It has been exacerbat- ed in the

Iryna Ulasiuk

, thoughts, emotions), but also the indispensable form or medium of a given language. 22 In the meantime, what has been left out by the ECHR has been addressed in two more minority-specifi c documents – the FCNM and ECRML. How they deal with the issue under discussion is analysed below. 4. Framework

Snežana Trifunovska

in a very early stage of a threatening conflict. The longer is waited the bigger is the risk that emotions overcome rational considerations and that parties cannot give up their posi- tions any longer without unacceptable embarrassment."50 The proper timing in undertaking activities of preventive


famous battle of Kosovo created an atmosphere conducive to the rise of Serbian nationalism. Slobodan Milosevic, an emerging political figure on the political scene, and in 1986 Chairman of the Central Committee of the Serbian Communist party, used the emotions of the people and their dissatisfaction to

Carla Aparecida Arena Ventura

aims at preventing any harm that the patient may cause to himself/herself or to third parties. Nevertheless, causing harm to the patient with the excuse of controlling his/her emotions is a clear indicator of the health personnel’s inappropriate training in the use of correct confinement methods. 66