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Nermin Allam

the uprising has changed them, and that “things cannot go back to the old days,” 1 notwithstanding their disappointment over the turn of events. The study is situated within the literature on emotions and contentious politics. Scholars within this tradition analyse the affect dimension of the

Brandon Gorman

, for example, Charles Kurzman argues that even the most thorough survey would not have been able to capture Iranians’ thoughts on the Shah, since they were “shift[ing] drastically from moment to moment on the basis of amorphous rumors, heightened emotions, and conflicting senses of duty.” 4 While

Hamad al-Humaidhi

provides a service that meets their individual interests. Conflict is not essentially viewed as a negative interaction that ought to be avoided. This view solicits direct interaction and communication, and any invasion of values and emotions is recognized as a barrier to agreement. On the other hand

Wendy Pearlman

a better understanding of the emotions, rationales, and values that drive personal agency and transformation. This is what ethnographically oriented research is especially poised to provide. Finally, methods with an ethnographic sensibility are worthwhile for social science on the Middle East at

Sayed Sikander Shah

-taking to the speaker; – to concentrate—not daydream—and maintain eye contact; – to refrain from thinking ahead of the speaker—one will lose track; – to work at listening—being alert and lively; – to control emotions while listening; – to open one’s mind—accepting new information; – to breathe slowly and

activities of unscrupulous and bigoted leaders. But it also arises, tragically, from an inability to understand, and from the powerful emotions which, out of misunderstanding, lead to distrust and fear. We must not slide into a new era of danger and division because governments and peoples, communities and

dealing with Middle Easterners. It is a very strong emotion, much 121 like the Oriental concept of saving face, and it is something you must contend with at all stages of business dealings. Your primary goal should be to spare your partner's feelings and not to put him in an awkward situation where

Basileus Zeno

lies in the rapid transformation of the initial state of humiliation, caused by a direct experience, into emotions. Many traumatized refugees swing between two poles of humiliation: feeling sadness and despair for the loss of hope, beloved ones, places on one side; and anger and need for revenge on the

Charles Tripp

many senses intended to provoke strong emotions in its methods of presentation, in the techniques it deploys and also in the repertoire on which it draws. Tunisian artists have discovered that this has raised troubling questions about whether they are only ever speaking to the like-minded, to a narrow

Nachman Alexander

appeal to popular consciousness: …It is natural that the Islamic movement plans to penetrate the public consciousness by provoking issues that represent grand problems… whether in a sentimental way that influences emotion, or in a rational way that mobilises minds, or in ways that combine the mental