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Gabriela Salim Spagnol, Li Hui Ling and Li Li Min

are issues that are limited and often neglected. In this sense, the technique “Dialogue with emotions through mandalas” has been applied in order to promote higher awareness of emotions and coping with the disease. Dr. Ling developed the method called “Dialogue with emotions” with a reference to


Gabriela Salim Spagnol, Jéssica Elias Vicentini, Isilda Sueli Andreolli Mira de Assumpção, Li Hui Ling and Li Li Min

daily living with epilepsy and commonly evolve into behavioural changes (shame, insecurity, isolation) and greater difficulties in psychosocial adjustment. 16 In our study, these emotions were mostly related to the seizure, restrictions that epilepsy may have on daily activities and the prejudice one

Kaźmierczak, Komarnicki and Woźny

have been associated with the high emotion accompanying the treatment procedures. A signiŽ cant correlation has been detected between heart rate and the use of anthracycline antibiotics in the past. However, in none of our patients has the acceptable total dose of anthracycline antibiotics (mean 258 mg


Edited by Jytte Holmqvist

community mental health centres and a partial move away from more conventional hospital treatments (approaches that are now gaining ground also globally), so called “mandalas of emotion” presented within a Brazilian healthcare context and used as a method for the patient to self-heal, and the plead for a


Peter Bray

articulate the subtleties of deep unexpressed emotion. I am being comfortably held by my own body, aware of its indecipherable choreography and marvelling at its effortless movements. Different psychosomatic disorders can present themselves in the body. This is where the bodywork is useful. Earlier we had


Jytte Holmqvist

:// . 17 Bruno, “Motion and Emotion: Film and the Urban Fabric,” In Cities in Transition: The Moving Image and the Modern Metropolis , ed. Andrew Webber and Emma Wilson (London: Wallflower Press, 2008), 19. 18 “These are the images of a hungry Barcelona who throws itself


Lani R. Stockwell and Scott E. Hendrix

occurs through unconscious characteristics of the communicator, but perhaps even more important is what that sign comes to signify to others. Discourse is a two-way street, and the person to whom communication is directed interprets signs through the lens of his or her own experiences, emotions

Trevor B. Penney and Xiaoqin Cheng

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Richard A. Block, Simon Grondin and Dan Zakay

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Giovanna Mioni

Psychology , 22 ( 1 ), 130 – 148 . Droit-Volet S. ( 2013 ). Time perception in children: A neurodevelopmental approach . Neuropsychologia , 51 ( 2 ), 220 – 234 . Droit-Volet S. , & W.H. Meck ( 2007 ). How emotions colour our perception of time