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hypothèses à sa manière caractéristique, si originale. Un exemple en est le rôle putatif du café dans l’évolution des civilisations humaines, du fait que l’absorption de caféine pendant la gestation est susceptible d’entraîner des modifications héritables des quantités de sommeil paradoxal dans la


Rebecca Futo Kennedy

nineteenth- and early twentieth-century debates on evolution and the relationship of the races of mankind to environment: 1. the environment as determining factor in the creation of cultural and moral characteristics of a people, 2. the heritability of acquired characteristics, and 3. the use of technology


Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr.

Jonathan Haidt are correct. Consciousness and reasoning are aftereffects of prior physiological interactions and heritable traits. That might seem to be the death of philosophy, but it is not. The rider on the elephant is unaware of all that is going on beneath her, but that may simply mean that


Yvonne Howell

” might solve – how much difference among individuals is heritable? what forces preserve the balance between mutant change and stability of type in a given population? – as well as the typical ardor of early Soviet drosophilists : Fruit flies are marvelous. Looking at them through a binocular microscope


Thomas C. McCaskie

bequeathed by one’s mother and father respectively, and together they defined fundamental kinship affiliation and interpersonal placement and belonging. Both were physical properties, but they also connoted a range of putatively heritable characteristics. In metaphysical terms, the indispensable component of


Geoffrey W. Bakewell

involving metals. It likewise marks the return of traditional notions of heritable excellence that underlay the oligarchic coup of 411 and the rule of Thirty Tyrants. 21 Kallipolis’s social order ultimately rests upon inequality as much as equality: some citizens are intrinsically more valuable than others