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W.T.S. Gould

population has altered only very slightly and there are still many people with high I.Q.'s. If a heritability of intelligence of 0.5 is assumed, and there is no intermarriage between these urban and rural populations, mean I.Q. of the urban and rural offspring is 102.5 and 99.83 respectively. The difference

Ved Prakash Vatuk

levirate where, as among the Semites (Patai, 92-98), the brother marries the wife in order to "raise up seed" to the dead man (the resulting children being regarded as belonging to the dead man), or to widow inheritance where the brother simply inherits the wives of his brother with the other heritable

The Kimbundu Diaspora to Brazil

Records from the Slave Ship Brilhante, 1838

Daniel B. Domingues da Silva

themselves. Although the stigma of having a slave ancestor could linger for generations, not all societies viewed slavery as heritable. Illegal forms of enslavement were also widely practiced, particularly kidnapping of citizens or those belonging to friendly societies. However, those caught practicing this