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Doug Jones

– dissimilarity between racial categories, ideas about expected and possible race of off spring from inter-racial unions, heritability of racial and non-racial traits, and conservation of race through changes in appearance. Th e research demonstrates consensus over time in appearance-based classifi cation, yet race

William Michael Brown

more similar dialects also had less within group variation in mtDNA. Any heritable unit (mtDNA or cultural information) transmitted with high Ž delity from mother to daughter can lead to tight social networks due to high maternal relatedness (Haig 2000). When interests of genes and memes coincide it is

Paul Thagard

ability of people to survive and reproduce. (There does seem to be a correlation in Europe between decreases in religiosity and decline in birth rates, but both factors are probably caused by increases in education and economic security.) There is no evidence that religiosity is heritable, or THE

Julia A. Maddison and Michael Doebeli

principles. Reviewing the criteria for natural selection, it is clear that some elements of culture have the necessary characteristics of heritable variation and differential fitness associated with that variation. We will call selection on cultural traits “cultural selection”, following Rogers and Ehrlich

David Spurrett

(this includes dispositions related to risk, either in general or in specific domains: I return to this in the final section of this paper) are both heritable, and have consequences for inclusive fitness, natural selection can be expected to operate on them. There are at least two distinct commitments

Why Was the Color Violet Rarely Used by Artists before the 1860s?

A Descriptive Summary and Potential Explanation

Allen Tager

V. , Gao , T. , Bhattacharya , S. , Angel , C. , Furman , D. , Shen-Orr , S. , Dekker , C. , Swan , G. , Maecker , H. , & Davis , M. ( 2014 ). Variation in the Human Immune System Is Largely Driven by Non-Heritable Influences . Cell , DOI:

Liane Gabora

their meaning in different contexts. culture discussed in the present paper apply also to BVSR. Natural selection was not put forward to explain how novelty originates. It assumes random variation of heritable traits, and provides an explanation for population-level change over generations in the

Kateryna Maltseva

L.-A. Valone T. J. Wagner R. H. Public information: From nosy neighbors to cultural evolution Science 2004 305 487 491 Davis M. H. Luce C. Kraus S. J. The heritability of characteristics associated with dispositional empathy Journal of Personality

Martin Stuart-Fox

evolve through natural selection” (Gabora, 2011 , p. 70) – which leads her to conclude that culture does not evolve through “change in the frequency of heritable variations over generations due to differential response to selective pressure” (Gabora, 2011 , p. 77), the very premise on which Henrich

Michael Murray and Lyn Moore

hidden fi tness benefi ts (concerning prayer; for example, see Larson, 2005). What about stable signaling maintained through perceived cost? One problem with views of this sort is that it is not clear to what extent a signaling strategy of this sort is heritable. For example, Sosis (2003, 2004, 2006