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Janet Carsten

The most valuable forms of heritable property are land (primarily that used for rice cultivation or houses), houses, fruit trees, boats, and jewellery. Villagers are reluctant to discuss the inheritance of all of these, and this can once again be associated with the way that property division often

Richard L. Davis

-an. Southerners, therefore, revived with some modification a theme from the post-Han period of disunion: by emphasizing the heritable aspect of legitimate succession, they defended the mandate of Southern Sung rulers by pointing to their familial link to the Northern Sung imperial line. This criterion, they

Frank Leeming

strip of width i pu. From Northern Wei to Sui inclusive the pu was 6 ch'ih of the time. Under T'ang the pu was 5 ch'ih, not 6. The ch'ing was always I oo mou. b) The following code is used in this column: a. Non-heritable grain land, for the use of the family during the active lifetime of its male head

Bernard F. Batto

materials, Forshey's thesis is substantially correct, namely, that nabdium does spring primarily from the royal land grant model, nevertheless, he has underestimated the degree to which the connotation of heritability is involved. Because nahalum meant an irrevocable land grant, herit- ability would seem to

Andrew Monson

unity of Ptolemaic land tenure, he admits the di ff erences and explains them in similar terms. 3 Ptolemaic historians have generally interpreted any signs of privatization, including the development of heritable and quasi-transferable rights to the cleruchic estates of soldiers, as symptoms of decline

Elizabeth C. Stone

.C, 13), they were heritable from the time of our earliest contracts. Although we do not know what temple functions offices holders were expected to per- form, it is clear that they were involved in the state judiciary system. The majority of the witnesses to court cases were temple office holders

Annuska Derks

temporary form of bondage, which terminated upon discharge of the debt, it could in prac- tice last a lifetime and even be heritable when the debt could not be repaid (under the conditions set by the creditor/employer). Here debt bondage differs from the related practice of indentured labour as practised

approaches and of social and historical contexts, which together o er a use- ful and informative body of material, valuable also as an introduction to the topic. In the rst essay Beaucamp examines the relationship between dowry and the heritable portions of family property attributed to women in early


king enjoyed ultimate rights over all agricultural land, while the toilers possessed only the usufructuary, yet heritable, rights. Again, it is worth noting that the transformation was accompanied by the alienation of Islam from the state, or subordination of religion to politics. In this period, the

Timothy Lubin

full authority ( mīyāṭci ) to dispose of them. 78 After around 1250, kāṇiyāṭci (heritable rights, e.g., of property) is the term more often used for ownership of land. 79 By the colonial period, under the influence of Persian-inflected Maraṭha land law, the term kāṇiyāṭci had been widely