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Eugene Kamenka and Alice Erh-Soon Tay

261 Marxism-Leninism and the Heritability of Law Alice Erh-Soon Tay Professor of Jurisprudence University of Sydney, Australia Eugene Kamenka Professor of the History of Ideas Australian National University, Canberra, Australia I The growing emphasis in Marxist-socialist countries on the

Lin Rongnian

280 A Little Discussion of the Heritability of Law * Lin Rongnian At the beginning of the 1950s, a fervent discussion developed in legal circles on whether law was or was not heritable; some said it was, some said it was not, and everybody put forward his own views. In this. some erroneous

Frank Munzel

275 Chinese Thoughts on the Heritability of Law: Translations Dr. Frank Munzel Research Associate, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht. Hamburg, BRD. Translates Introduction On the eve of the foundation of the PRC, a separate decree and art. 17 of the "Common


citizens; Georges Espinas, Le privilège de Saint-Omer de 1127 , Revue du Nord, 29 (1947), 47, art. 15. 37. Cf. Lyon 1953 (n. 7 above), 223. 38. This is even true for a (heritable) feudal office, cf. Mitteis (n. 3 above), 202. 6 DIRK HEIRBAUT [6] of land that produces a yearly income of 100 pounds, and

Frederic M. Goadby, Moses J. Doukhan and John Strawson

first four chapters. Miri land, the most common form of land holding in Palestine is defined as "land over which heritable right of possession (tessaruf ) is granted by the State to a private person, though Raqabe ownership remains in the state" (p. 17). The following chapters deal with mulk, full

John W. Cairns

Conjunct Fee Crimes against Liferent Liferent - Terce - Property - Theft, Courtesy Robbery - Falsehood Crimes against Wadset Wadset Individuals' Character Delinquencies against Heritable Bonds Heritable Bonds Person, Property, . Character and Reputa- tion Rights and Obligations Real Liens Reserved Faculty

Thomas Glyn Watkin

, however, freehold land was definitely heritable, and there were remedies in the king's court for an heir whose lord prevented his taking up such inheritance. The question therefore is all the more pressing as to why the heir should be expected to pay anything to a lord to take up an inheritance which was

Leslie Dodd

transition from lifelong tenure to partial heritability whereby the sons of the feudal grantee could inherit their father’s feu as a matter of right. “Thus a feu, which had heretofore been no more than a usufruct, was extended to the sons or to the one of them whom the lord considered most suitable for his

D. Heirbaut

was not one of his virtues. It is not always clear what came first, whether one first became the court’s spokesman and then received functions which required one to act as its president or vice versa. In those cases where a position was heritable (lordships and castellanies), the death of the


categorized as heritable and a trait of a special race or subrace. In Sweden they were only subjected to the ‘social indication’ added to the Sterilization Act of 1941. In Germany the relatives of the Tattare, the Sinti and Roma, were not quite that lucky. Their toll, relative to their numbers, in the