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Author: Markus Stock

, sciapods, etc.). In addition to these, the crane-heads play a major role in most versions of the narrative. 1 The hybrid monstrosity of the crane-heads is their most prominent feature. These biform 2 creatures have the necks and heads of cranes, with dangerous beaks their most conspicuous

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the clash between the conservative and the enlightened forces – and eventually the enforcement of both the Viennese reforms and the Enlightenment ideas – in the eighteenth-century Tyrol. In its hybrid role of being an obsolete scholastic ‘relic’ on the one hand and a means of promoting new knowledge

In: Early Modern Disputations and Dissertations in an Interdisciplinary and European Context

haut, tres puissant et tres magnanim6 Fran?ois etc'.4 The copy in Arnhem falls into none of these categories, however, but is a hybrid of two of them. Though indeed belonging to the first group (those with mottoes in the open spaces) it nevertheless contains the inserted leaf with dedication as above

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this article. Figure 2 215 Animals serving as emblematic representations are also to be found in the borders of the hours of thc Virgin Mary: At prime (the morning prayer), starting on f 36r, there is an illustration of a hybrid woman, the mermaid, complete with mirror and comb,* the emblem of

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Author: Gerrit Noordzij

: 'They represent a nauseous hybrid of gothic and baroque.' (The specimens in Neudorffer, Eine gute Ordnung.) A 'hybrid of gothic and baroque' is always nonsense. Coupling this nonsense with the summit of Mannerism (Neud6rffer published this manual in 1538) is stupid. The author's nausea is not for me to

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diffuse plots, greater openness to the marvelous, and a role for love relationships that goes beyond what epic allows. 33 Yet the chivalric romances used Virgilian material as well, weaving it into a generic fabric that was quite different from epic. The results were true hybrids. Montage , or assembly

In: Printing Virgil
Author: Mathieu Lommen

, whether facsimiles or interpretations. He saw revivals as hybrids, and as signs of spiritual poverty. On this point he disagreed with Morison who, through the Monotype Corporation, brought out historical as well as contemporary designs, some- thing that also had commercial reasons, of course. In his On

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Authors: E.C. Simoni and Johan Martens

(an explanation for the 'hybrid forms' which do not agree with Murray's criteria). According to this 'scenario' all the modifi- cations of Ther Hoernen would indeed have been put into effect within a short period of time; no attention has of course been paid in this argument to the circumstances which

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Author: J.P. Gumbert

other respects as wcll. The language of the German parts is not, as was believed until now, the speech of (roughly) the region of Aix-la-Chapelle, but a hybrid. It is, in fact, a transposition (ranging from a downright translation to the slightest orthographical modification) from the original text

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Author: Ernst Braches

attitude towards the two sorts of script, however, was by no means established in fifteenth-century European Arabist circles. Accordingly, European typography at that time used a multitude of often extremely hybrid Arabic types. The model used for Raphelengius's second type, the Maghribi, is to be found in

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