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Renaud Bouvet

hybrid decision-making process involving Command and the health service. The framework in both military institutions is quite comparable. The US Air Force has extensive experience in this field, with the Strategic Air Command having officially approved the use of amphetamines in 1960, followed by the

Jacqueline Laing

research and destruction and increasing the scope for human cloning also for destructive research. It is supposed that there ought not to be a blanket ban on the creation of human clones, hybrids, cybrids and chimeras because these embryos are valuable for research purposes. Th e prohibition on the

Sara Fovargue

chapters in Part 2 are concerned with ‘Governing Bio-Objects’, and consider how the legal status of transpecies hybrid embryos was determined, the regulation of genetically modified crops in three European countries, the practical governance of hereditary disease, and how pre-natal screening and genetic

Maria K. Sheppard

number of clinical research programmes therefore use a hybrid phase i / ii trial design instead, investigating both safety and efficacy, and involving patients with the condition from the outset. 27 Thus, although a pregnant woman with a healthy pregnancy may be enrolled in a phase i trial testing

Laura Walin

embryos. 13 Certain other types of research are also totally banned. Th ese include cloning of human beings, production on human-animal hybrid embryos, and assimilation of two human embryos in Finland. Th ese bans are based on seeing them as defamatory against human dignity. 14 It is also forbidden to

Lucas Bergkamp

causation liability still requires proof of fault of the defendant companies, or of a product defect. The liability standard is probably best characterized as a hybrid of fault and strict liability. Market share liability in the US, on the other hand, does not necessarily require any fault of the liable

Susana Murteira, Emna El Hammi and Mondher Toumi

[Social Security Code]. Article L. 162-16-4. 28 S. Flostrand, S. Lor and A.L. Hugues, “[H2] Variability in hybrid drug availability and pricing in Europe”, workshop presented at the ispor 16th Annual European Congress, 2-6 November 2013, Dublin, Ireland. 29 Global Pharmaceutical Pricing and

Eugenie Syx

prevention principle and priority rule and qualify them as pharmaceuticals anyway. 70 Or, in other words, all will depend on the harmonization level of the revised tobacco directive. For now, either option seems possible. The Commission as well as the Parliament support a hybrid harmonization technique

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Insurance Act’s free contracting principle, reflect the law’s hybrid character. 2.1. Health Insurance Policies The Health Insurance Act (HIA) provides the insured for essential curative care tested against the criteria of proven efficacy, cost effectiveness, and the need for collective financing. 4 Under the

Veelke Derckx and Henriette Roscam Abbing

makes blood-medicine clearly a “double-edged” sword. PATIENTS’ RIGHT TO HEALTH PROTECTION 155 3. Safety at risk The safety and quality of blood and blood products is a worldwide issue. Blood is a hybrid product. On the one hand, blood saves the lives of thousands of people. Blood can be used for