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Robert D. Rupert

same data by introducing an additional system (say, a hybrid system) of a different kind. Thus, the data of interest to proponents of the extended view do not motivate the commitment to an extended system. What could motivate such a commitment would be the discovery of an extended system that happens

Sergio Torres-Martínez

forthrightly titled this hybrid rationale Agentive Cognitive Construction Grammar . Needless to say, this theoretical framework makes do with much more than deciding whether pairings of form and function (constructions) are stored, frequently used, register-driven, or discourse sensitive. The real problem

Laura A. Janda

of meaning containing transitional or hybrid types; functor words like prepositions and conjunctions are examples of hybrids that carry both lexical and grammatical semantic freight. From the supra- and segmental features of phonology through morphology, syntax, and discourse pragmatics, all of

Martina Lampert

and/or legalistic demands of the inaugurals’ cultural significance. References Brabanter De , Philippe. 2010 . The Semantics and Pragmatics of Hybrid Quotations . Language and Linguistics Compass 4 : 107 – 120 . Kasimir Elke . 2008 . Prosodic correlates of subclausal quotation

Guenther Lampert

two sets of specifications in a sentence … in which a hearer generates an often imaginative conceptual hybrid that accommodates both the original conceptual inputs in some novel relation to each other.” With regard to the way -construction, the cognitive concept of blend—which, of course, has