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Nasima M. H. Carrim

Introduction The objective of the current research was to ascertain how Indian women managers engage in hybrid identity work to reach a sense of coherence in the process of negotiating their gender and racio-ethnic identities and in the process accommodating and resisting the strictures of a

R. Michael Feener

Hybridity and the “Hadhrami Diaspora” in the Indian Ocean Muslim Networks 1 R. M  F  The University of California, Riverside This paper addresses issues relating to the adaptation of notions of hybridity from con- temporary Diaspora Studies to the study of Hadhrami migration to

Japanese Fiction of the Allied Occupation

Vision, Embodiment, Identity


Sharalyn Orbaugh

The reconstruction of identity in post World War II Japan after the trauma of war, defeat and occupation forms the subject of this latest volume in Brill's monograph series Japanese Studies Library.
Closely examining the role of fiction produced during the Allied Occupation, Sharalyn Orbaugh begins with an examination of the rhetoric of wartime propaganda, and explores how elements of that rhetoric were redeployed postwar as authors produced fiction linked to the redefinition of what it means to be Japanese. Drawing on tools and methods from trauma studies, gender and race studies, and film and literary theory, the study traces important nodes in the construction and maintenance of discourses of identity through attention to writers’ representations of the gaze, the body, language, and social performance.
This book will be of interest to any student of the literary or cultural history of World War II and its aftermath.

Japanese Fiction of the Allied Occupation was awarded Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2007 .

Jayeel Serrano Cornelio

972 Book Reviews / Asian Journal of Social Science 37 (2009) 953–976 Pam Nilan and Carles Feixa (eds.) (2006) Global Youth?: Hybrid Identities, Plural Worlds. London: Routledge. 218 pages. ISBN 0-415037071-X. Gleaning from its title, Global Youth?: Hybrid Identities, Plural Worlds , one cannot

Lisa Rofel

project of decolonisation, the achievements and problems of socialist democracy, and the contradictory processes of capitalist modernisation. Moreover, he emphasises the hybrid nature of Chinese queer theory, as Chinese writers and artists across the Taiwan Straits create queer dialogue with one another

Judith Schlehe

possibly miss the subtle intentionalities in between articulation and non-articulation, such as the hybrid, non-confrontational expressions and practices for which modern paranormal (spiritual experts/mystical-magical specialists) are just one example. My focus will not be first and foremost on their

Conservative Inclusivity and Hierarchical Diversity

Chinese dakwah and the Paradoxes of Indonesian Religious Pluralism

Wai Weng Hew

) “Expressing Chineseness, marketing Islam: Hybrid performance of Chinese Muslim preachers,” in Chang-Yau Hoon and Siew-Min Sai (eds.) Chinese Indonesians Reassessed: History, religion and belonging . London and New York: Routledge, Pp. 179–199. Hew, Wai Weng (2013) “Cosmopolitan Islam and inclusive

7 Hybrids

Identity Negotiations among the Urban Youth


Joanne Smith Finley

Seng Guan Yeoh

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/156853109X385376 Asian Journal of Social Science 37 (2009) 7–28 For/Against Hybridity: Religious Entrepreneurships in a Roman Catholic Pilgrimage Shrine in Malaysia Seng Guan Yeoh School of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash

Weigang Gong and Burak Gürel

incentive problem has underlined the significance of state intervention for changing the local agrarian structure from small- to larger-scale farming. Since the 1990s, the production level of hybrid rice has remained high, reducing the rice yield gap between single- and double-cropping. The output of single