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Benjamin E. Zeller

scholarship of the study of nrm s to analyse the religion. 2 While this approach has proven valuable, this article seeks to expand the study of the group by arguing that iskcon Finland represents a case of a glocalized (global-local) religious movement wherein members have created new hybrid

Steven Engler

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/002959709X12469430260084 Numen 56 (2009) 545–577 Umbanda and Hybridity Steven Engler Department of Humanities, Mount Royal College, Calgary, T3E 6K6, Canada Abstract Scholars of religion continue to talk of

A Laboratory of Liberty

The Transformation of Political Culture in Republican Switzerland, 1750-1848


Marc Lerner

Looking at a series of Swiss political debates, this book offers a case study of a revolutionary transformation to a rights-based society and political culture. Based on a tradition of political innovation and experimentation, Swiss citizens recalibrated their understanding of liberty and republicanism from 1750 to 1848. The resulting hybrid political culture centered around republican ideas, changing understandings of liberty and self-rule. Drawing from the public political debates in three characteristic cantons, A Laboratory of Liberty places the Swiss transformation into a European context. Current trends in Revolutionary studies focus on the revolution in its global context and this book demonstrates that the Swiss case enhances our understanding of the debates over the nature of liberty in the transatlantic world during the Age of Revolution.

Robert Schreiter

288 Book Reviews / Mission Studies 25 (2008) 273–314 Colonial Encounters: Issues of Culture, Hybridity and Creolisation. Portuguese Mercantile Set- tlers in West Africa. By José Lingna Nafafé. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Peter Lang 2007. Pp. x + 215. $51.95. Postcolonial theory is sometimes applied

Peter J. Verhagen and Agneta Schreurs

, 2014) in combination with research and theoretical frameworks in the psychology of spirituality and religion? The so-called “alternative model for personality disorders” in DSM -5™ offers a hybrid, mixed categorical-dimensional model contrary to the traditional categorical, multiaxial model introduced

Steve Taylor

widowed from Aaron, suddenly becoming mother to this “gift.” Hybrid notions of kinship offer a different way of being in community. 11 For Rika this “gift child” is redemptive (Modjeska 2012:256): “Could it be that redemption was possible? That she could return from the closed, dark place where she

Robert C. Fuller and Derek E. Montgomery

-measurements) to eliminate the possibility of preexisting differences in religious beliefs between groups. Our study utilized a hybrid questionnaire to measure religious attitudes. Our hybrid measure was developed using items from the well-known and commonly used measures of Altemeyer ( 1996 ) and Altemeyer and

Szabolcs Kéri and Christina Sleiman

group rituals. The other dominant motif of conversion was characterized by mystical experiences, intensive emotional reactions, and social affection. The high occurrence of hybrid motifs (intellectual-experimental and mystical-affectional) is an interesting finding. It seems that cognitive openness and

Hasan Kaplan

Montada L. Montada L. Lerner M.J. Belief in a just world: A hybrid of justice motive and self-interest? Responses to Victimizations and Belief in a Just World 1998 New York Plenum Press 217 246 Montada L. Schmitt M. Dalbert C