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Nicole Marie Summers and Falak Saffaf

familiar individuals and strangers. Researchers found that children were more likely to endorse the testimony of someone they recognized, rather than a stranger, about names of novel objects and computer simulated hybrid creatures. Therefore, it appears that individuals closer to the child, such as parents

Sean McGrath

the will, the ground of existence, is never fully subsumable by the understanding. The human being is not a prisoner of discursive reason, but a hybrid, who is in fact ‘at home’ in both the dark and the light. Schelling's early work is a scientifically informed objection to Kantian phenomenalism (with

Ian Davies, Greville Corbett, Debi Roberson and Marieta Vandervyver

informants group stimuli based on some criterion of perceptual similarity, but those with large color vocabularies are more likely to group stimuli in line with their basic color terms. The data are best accounted for by a hybrid system that combines a universal principle of grouping by similarity with

Flavio A. Geisshuesler

). Being part and parcel of the modern paradigm, which contemporary sociologists and anthropologists have found to be nowhere near as naturalistic and materialistic as it presents itself, the mind sciences are ultimately subscribing to a hybrid model of ontology that is neither purely materialistic, nor

Bilge Sayim, Kimberly A. Jameson, Nancy Alvarado and Monika Szeszel

. Nature, 356, 433-435. M erbs , S. L. & N athans , J. 1992b Absorption spectra of the hybrid pigments responsible for anomalous color vision. Science, 258, 464-466. M erbs , S. L. & N athans , J. 1993 Role of hydroxyl-bearing amino acids in di ff erentially tuning the absorption spectra of the human red

Ronald Giere

agency to the human components. The implication is that we think of these large-scale distributed cognitive systems not so much as unified wholes, but as hybrid systems including both physical artifacts and ordinary humans. Scientific Cognition as Distributed Cognition In previous publications, I have

Catriona Miller

and role plays of all kinds, from traditional balls in stately homes and castles to more prosaic social gatherings. Parody and hybridity have also been explored in the YouTube film Jane Austen’s Fight Club (2010, Emily Janice Card and Keith Paugh) and The Real Housewives of Jane Austen (2012

Ryan Nichols and Helen De Cruz

out hazards in the road to progress. Experimental philosophy is challenged from two directions. As a hybrid endeavor, with a methodology from cognitive psychology repurposed to address philosophical questions, it has encountered both philosophical objections to its raison d’être, and scrutiny about

Kathleen H. Corriveau, Elizabeth Kim, Ge Song and Paul L. Harris

observation-based conclusions and remaining receptive to the guidance of others can be a useful learning strategy. For example, Jaswal and Markman ( 2007 ) showed preschoolers hybrid entities that mostly resembled one creature (e.g., a fish) but had some features of another (e.g., a bird). Left to decide

John Izod

developing fresh forms to represent the real in innovative, attention-grabbing ways. As one consequence, boundaries between formats that critical theorists perceived as distinct eventually became permeable. From the 1980s, hybrid forms of documentary such as the reality TV show developed into the norm